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4.) Access your computer's deck port, and go into cyberspace (woooowwww, coool, duuuude...) Go to the Virtual Library Well. Talk to the Librarian. Click on the flaming trash can icon. Zoom in to see a list with a series of books. Ask the librarian for help. This is a puzzle; you have to unscramble the call letters. The correct answer is HC2021R. In case you're wondering how the hell you get that: All the books on the list are historical subject matter, so you start with 'HC.' Now, you'll note in Stein's entry, there's the letters 'no iaid.' Or, if you will, 'no eye aid,' or '20-20 vision' You also have the note '+1,' so this translates to '20-21.' So now add '2021.' Then you have the number 18; the 18th letter of the alphabet is 'R,' so add 'R.' The librarian goes & gets the book if you type in the complete code. It's on the original Jack the Ripper...gee, what a surprise.

Exit cyberspace and go back to Catherine's Apartment. Search through the apartment everywhere. You should find a birthday card dated February 25th; she's a Pisces, and it's below the painting of a fish (that's Pisces). Look at the Zodiac poster. Note the sign of Pisces is the number 12. Now go over to her crystals (ooh, a New Age woman...) Zoom in on the puzzle and arrange the crystals into a pattern of Pisces in the 9 x 8 grid (place them in the following positions:) Column 1, Row 2 Column 2, Row 5 Column 3, Row 1 Column 4, Rows 3 & 6 Column 5, Row 8 Column 6, Row 4 Column 7, Row 7 Column 8, Row 3 Column 9, Rows 5 & 7. Now a light beam should shine out and illuminate a book title; 'Horoscope.' Congrats; you've found the password to Catherine's WELL.

Now check out the laser cane beneath the athletic poster; there's an inscription that reads 'J. Dorsett' on it. Now go back to the Newsroom and deck in to Catherine's WELL. You'll get a message from Magnotta & a virtual police robot will attempt to destroy you. You can take it out by hitting several spots (the flamethrower hands, the forehead orb, the burners on the bottom, or the backpack). Or, you could always just type the cheat code 'ARCADE' and bypass the damn thing altogether . Then you should be able to take Catherine's notebook; it'll download to your database. Leave the WELL and exit cyberspace, then look at the notebook in your database. Wonderful; Magnotta's encrypted it. What a fun guy. Well, back to roaming around the city, I guess...

5.) Go to Soap Beatty's Smokeshop, and talk to Soap. Go through all dialogue choices. Go to the Wofford Cottage & talk to Covington (brother of the murdered guy). Go through all dialogue choices. Now you have to find the password to Hamilton's WELL, and this WILL be a pain. Go to the table with an old picture tube and a panel with five antique vacuum tubes. Click on the power switch; only two tubes are working & you've got to find the other three. Go through the door to the next room. Note the position of the three wall clocks. Also take notes of the map of the world that shows timezones. Go to the table with the maze in the tabletop. You have to get a marble to the bottom to get the first tube. How hard this is depends on what difficulty level you're playing. If you're on EASY mode, press the fourth from the top, then any other two pads except the topmost.

If you're on MEDIUM difficulty, press only 1 and 4. If you're in DIFFICULT mode, press 5, 1, and 3, then wait till the ball stops. Now click on 4, 1, and 5, and wait for the ball to stop again. Now click on 3, 4, and 5. When the ball stops, a drawer opens and you'll get the first tube (pick it up). Now go upstairs to the bedroom and make note of the plaque on the wall...in honor of the first patent Hamilton got. Make note of the number: P2X255127.5A. Keep going up the stairs and go into the bedroom. Go to the antique cash register, and solve its puzzle using the patent code number. It is, believe it or not, to be read like this: 2 X 255127.5, which results in the value 510, 255. Look left of the register; note the change bank with cylinders.

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