Komplettlösung Ripper

Clicking on the buttons at the bottom of each cylinder will release the appropriate coin. Release coins in this order: 5, 10, 25, 5...or, if you prefer, nickel, dime, quarter, nickel, and the register will open, and you'll get another tube. Note down the time of the broken clock on the dresser (2:35). Go BACK downstairs and go to the wall clocks...one is Egyptian, one German, one U.S. Look at the map of the time zones and note the time differential between the U.S., Egypt, and Germany. Set the Army clock to 2:35 p.m. military time (set it to 14:35; use the up & down arrows to set it), set the German clock to 8:35 (just click on the hands to set it), and set the Egyptian clock to 9:35 (left camel sets hours, right camel sets minutes).

The cuckoo clock chimes and opens, giving you your third vacuum tube. Now go back to the workshop, go to the socket board, and replace the burned out tubes with the three good tubes you found. When all three are plugged in, the screen comes on and the word 'VULCAN' shows up. This is Wofford's WELL password (PHEW!) Go right once, ahead once, left once, ahead once and examine the port to get the 'deck in' icon. Deck in and go to 'VULCAN' to view Virtual Whitechapel, where the original Jack the Ripper stalked his victims. Not much else you can do here now, so exit the WELL and cyberspace...

6.) Go to Falconetti's Safehouse, and talk to Twig. Get angry with the guy to find out about 'Circus Maximus.' Go to the Newsroom and deck in at your desk. Go to Circus Maximus & Falconetti will start throwing knives at you. Tell him about Catherine and ask him for help; he'll say sure, provided you can go through a combat obstacle course; you have to shoot a bunch of 'bad guy' targets without hitting any good guys...not easy, really, especially since it's hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys...the good guys look more human, that's about it! Click on a target to hit it; if it clangs, it's a bad guy. If it buzzes, it's a good guy. Bad move. Anyway, you have to beat Falconetti's high score of 30,000 to get him to agree to help you...on easy level, you can hit a maybe a couple good guys.

On medium level, you have to hit all the bad guys once and no good guys, and on Difficult level, you have to hit all the bad guys FIVE times each and no good guys! Or, you could always type 'ARCADE' again (this works for most of the combatrelated puzzles, by the way). If you win, he'll agree to meet you and tell you to go back to the safehouse. Exit cyberspace and do so. Talk to Twig again. Go into the back room and talk to Falconetti. Go through all dialogue choices...hmmm, remind him that helping you will really piss off Magnotta, and he'll be glad to do it. Anyway, he'll agree to meet you at the ICU later to try to help. And that ends Act I. Yes, you're only 1/3 of the way through! JOY! Ahem.

7.) You start off Act II in Meta-Cog. Talk to receptionist again. Go to ICU lab, then into ICU. Talk to both of them; go through all your dialogue choices until Burton gives up in disgust and takes off. Use the computer next to Falconetti as he decks in, then you'll be in a fight with the Bio Logic ICE (look like organic cells...fun!) The whole idea is to just keep fighting as long as you can until Falconetti takes over (once he has a link established). Or, you can always bypass this segment by typing the code 'CAFFEINE.' Go into the inner sanctum of Catherine's mind; Falconetti will talk to you about how to rebuild the Ripper image, but you can't do anything about it right now...so exit her mind and Cyberspace back to the ICU.

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