Komplettlösung Ripper

Go to the morgue and talk to Bob Eppels about Vic Farley getting fired. Go to the police station and talk to the desk sergeant (Lou). Magnotta will interrupt. When Magnotta takes off and Lou gets a phone call, grab Magnotta's security card. Talk to Lou when he finishes his phone call. Go through all dialogue choices, then exit the desk and go to the observation room...ahead once, left once, ahead twice, left once, ahead once, right once. Enter the room and activate the two-way mirror by clicking on the control panel to the lower left of the viewing window. No comment on what you see...go straight ahead after exiting the observation room into the file room. Use the security card on the file cabinet in the center of the room.

Scan Magnotta's personnel file. Access Catherine's notebook in your WAC and type Magnotta's password to decrypt the file...what this is depends on your difficulty level. If you are playing in EASY mode, the password is SLAYER. If you're in MODERATE mode, the password is SCORPIO. If you're in DIFFICULT mode, the password is CIGAR. Read the first three entries in Catherine's notebook. Note the tangent about her living situation...it'll come in handy later. Go back to Catherine's apartment.

8.> Look on Catherine's shelf to find the book The Women of Whitechapel and Jack The Ripper. Look at it; it's a safe with six buttons. If the button at the top is 1, the buttons are numbered clockwise (so the one to the left of the top is 6 and the one on the bottom is 4, etc), the number code to open the safe is 155362. (In case you're wondering, that tangent she went off on tells you the code...'at FIRST (1), I didn't have TWO NICKELS (5 5) to rub together. I lived in a ratty TRIPLEX (3) for HALF A DOZEN (6) years. That will never happen to me a SECOND (2) time.') Inside, you'll find a CD. Take it and use it on Catherine's computer. A formula pops up. Make note of it; now go back to the Newsroom and type the formula into Catherine's calculator. (Here it is:)

2 46 X 2 / 7inv = 5

(Actually / is replaced in the real formula by the 'divided by' sign from standard algebra...hard to reproduce on a computer keyboard without one!)

Anyway, you should wind up with two surveilance bugs...one looks like a cigar band, and the other like an eyeball. Take 'em both. Go to the police station. Go to the observation room and activate the viewing window. Still no comment on what's going on in there. Go to Magnotta's office and plant the cigar band device in the cigar box. Now go to Meta-Cog. Talk to Viv briefly, then grab the security card on the counter to her right, go to the wards, then go left to go to her office. Use the card on the door to get inside. Turn left inside the doorway. Remove one of the eyeballs in the model and replace it with the eyeball bug. Go to Burton's desk and scan in her prescription pad. Find a to-do list she left for herself. Read it. Go to the shelf to the left of the anatomy model and examine the book, Advanced Notational Mapping. Examine it and find the inscription inside. Go to Professor Bech's office (that's who the book is from).

9.) Talk to Professor Bech; go through all available dialogue choices. Leave the office and go ahead once, then right once to the electronic bulletin board. Activate the board. Click on each of the eight fliers that appear on the left of the board. This will expand each into the yellow-bordered area on the right half of the board; you've got to line five of 'em up in the right order to reveal the location of the Web Runner's meeting. To do so, find the five fliers that have a number on the last line of text (not the one with the phone number, though). The order you want them placed in is 4, 50, 14, 42, 86. This is also the Web Runner's door combination, by the way, so don't forget it! Once you have them in the right order (and so they don't overlap each other), you won't have a problem; it'll recognize the stuff automatically.

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