Komplettlösung Ripper

Go to the Web Runner's loft. Look at the door lock device. Press the 'Code' key and type in 450144286. The door opens; go in. Interrupt the Korean girl playing the cyberspace game and talk to her. You get the password for the Web Runner WELL. Look at the pictures on the wall to see the founders...including Magnotta, Falconetti, and Burton! Anyway, exit the loft and go to the Newsroom. Deck into the Web Runners' WELL...the password is Anachrony Station. To get past the ICE, rearrange the tiles so that they spell out the Web Runners' logo...or just type 'ZZTOP' to bypass this puzzle. Go into the WELL, then click on each monitor and listen closely to find out all sorts of interesting info about the background of your suspects...hmmm.

Then exit the WELL and then get out of cyberspace. Go back to the world map and go BACK to the Newsroom...you'll get a message from Stephanie Jordan, and wind up going to the loft...only to find that the Ripper got to her first...and you talk to the Korean girl again...and Magnotta suspects YOU. Great. Anyway, go to the morgue at Meta-Cog, and talk to Bob. Click left of Bob and examine the computer-memory problem. You've got to fix the card. Oh NO! Not a King's Quest 'I'll help you if you fix this such-and-such for me' puzzle! ARRGH! Anyway, go to Soap Beatty's Smokeshop. Talk to Soap to learn more about Gambit Nelson. Click left twice and examine Popular Cybertronics magazine. Scan the mag into the WAC, and read the article. Oh great, chip placements on memory boards...go ahead, try and read it. Then go on to the next section for the correct answer. Go back to Meta-Cog.

10.> Go to the morgue, head over to the computer, and look at the memory board puzzle. You must insert the chips into the correct locations on the board; it's divided up into rows 1 through 5, top to bottom, with the positions in each row going from leftmost to rightmost. Place the following chips:

Row Code1 Code2 Code3
ROW 1: 1-XDD3 7916 EPER 9RJ 2-XD77 3966 PETE 9RJ
ROW 2: 1-XDD7 3912 PETE 9RJ 2-XD77 3956 PEET 9RJ 3-XDD3 7916 PETE 99J 4-XD77 3959 PEET 9RJ 5-XDD7 3912 EPER 9RJ
ROW 3: 1-XDD7 3912 EPER 18J 2-XD77 3959 PETE 9RJ 3-XDD7 3912 PEET 9RJ 4-XD77 3956 PELT 9RJ 5-XDD3 7916 PETE 18J
ROW 4: 1-XDD3 7916 EPER 18J 2-XD77 3959 KOH 18J
ROW 5: 1-XD77 8959 KOH 18J 2-XD77 3956 PETE 9RJ

After all that, Bob will check it to tell you that Jordan's body is in Animal Storage. Keep talking to him and he'll tell you it's through a door in the back of the morgue. Now you can read another entry in Catherine's notebook. Go to the animal storage area and find the voice lock. Go to Soap Beatty's Smokeshop and ask Soap about voice locks. Go to the newsroom. Go to Ben Dodd's office and ask him about Falconetti & Burton, then about Gambit Nelson, then about the Wofford murder. Lotsa help. Go to your desk and deck into the Virtual Library. Ask the librarian about an audio editor and it'll be downloaded to your WAC. Exit cyberspace and go to the gym.

11.) Talk to the Gym attendant about Burton. Go to the terminal and look up Burton's file. Hmmm...Falconetti listed as spouse? Go to the gym and talk to Burton. You'll go through a dialogue in which you will get a recording of her voice and find out all SORTS of interesting things about your three main suspects...sheesh. Anyway, go back to Meta-Cog and down to the Animal Storage room. Open your WAC database and select 'Sound Sample.' Click on 'Quantize,' which will make each syllable of Burton's voice more distinct. Warning: You may want to save here; this is VERY difficult.

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