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Click on the audio file and hit the Play button; note where words are said along the wave. Click on those sections of the file to grab them; hitting the play button will let you hear how they sound...then you can adjust the highlighting if you need to. Then drag the highlighted sections to the audio- editor screen, and hit play. You've got to make it sound NATURAL, with no hesitation between words. Unlike the Gabriel Knight 2 editor puzzle, this is VERY tricky. Try copying words one at a time. You can't separate 'This is' though. What you want to eventual sound to say is 'This is Dr. Burton. Open up.' Once you get it to work on the lock, go through the door and down the hallway to the secret lab.

Go to the abandoned storage room, where you see the body, and get a message from the Ripper on your WAC. Now check the chart on the gurney that hold's Steph's body, then go into the lab. Go to the counter on the left; look at the control device (looks kinda like a flashlight). Activate it to see a recorded medical journal record. Look down the counter to the same machine you saw Burton using in the playback. From the end of the control panel closer to you, move the left slider up nine lines, the center slider up one line, and the right slider up five lines. The monkey will talk to you. No, seriously. Hmmm...lethal tests on monkeys in cyberspace?

Hmmmm...anyway, go back to the gym and talk to Burton about the lab. Check the WAC to find another decoded message. Apparently, Falconetti has a secret WELL, with an password called 'Leather Apron' (one of the original Ripper's 'names') Go back to the news room and jack into your computer. Go to Falconetti's secret WELL. To get through the ICE, rearrange the puzzle into a picture of Falconetti's face. Or just type 'HEADACHE' to bypass it. Go into the WELL to see the cloaks, daggers, other Ripper stuff, and letters...read Falconetti's journal. Hmmm. Verrrrry interesting...anyway, exit cyberspace and go to Falconetti's safehouse.

12.) Go into the back room (ignore Twig). Talk to Falconetti to find out a few things...he won't be completely candid, BUT...you'll get the truth about everything soon enough. Now go to the police station and talk to Lou, then go to Magnotta's office and talk to him awhile to find out all sorts of neat stuff. Now go back to Meta-Cog and go to the ICU. Talk to Bud, then access the ICU deck to go back into Catherine's mind. Go into the inner sanctum and tell her (in order): 1.) Burton & Falconetti were married 15 years ago, 2.) Burton, Magnotta, and Falconetti were all in the Web Runners, 3.) Magnotta was in love with Burton and disrupted the wedding of her and Falconetti, 4.) Burton has a secret lab in the basement of the Meta-Cog.

She'll sit up and talk a bit eventually; then go out of her mind back into the ICU. You get another message from the Ripper on your WAC. Talk to Bud, look at the slightly improved image of the Ripper on the monitor in the lab, and exit Meta-Cog. Go to ANY location except Cafe Duchamp and you'll get a message from Vic Farley to meet him at the Cafe Duchamp. So go there. Once you're there, you'll automatically meet Vic, talk to him awhile, and find out more about how the Ripper is killing from cyberspace...cool...and then all of a sudden, he starts to feel a bit ill. Understatement? Uh-huh. Vic proceeds to explode in a soggy, gory mess all over you, and Act II comes to an end... gee, what a HAPPY game...

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