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13.) After a long Act Intro, in which you're interrogated, attacked, get a couple messages, and Hamilton's AI scanned into your WAC. You wind up in the police station. Talk to Lou Brannon. Here's where you find out who did it: If you get a prompt from Lou available that says there WERE prints on the knife that attacked you (those of Vigo Haman), you're in Scenario 4. Now go talk to Magnotta, no matter what. Accuse Magnotta of being the Ripper. If he gives you a picture of Falconetti as the Ripper (accessed from Catherine's mind, supposedly), you're in Scenario 3. If you get that picture, skip #14 and go straight to #15.

14.) Go to Falconetti's safehouse and talk to Falconetti in the back room. Tell him he's the most likely suspect; if he gives you a photo of Magnotta as the Ripper (accessed from Catherine's mind, supposedly), you're in Scenario 2. So, if you DIDN'T get a picture from EITHER Falconetti OR Magnotta AND there were no fingerprints on the knife, you're in Scenario 1. Whatever happens there, go to the next step...

15.) Go to Magnotta's Apartment. If you AREN'T in Scenario 3, you'll get a message from The Ripper. Going to the apartment, you're confronted by a lock. To solve it, note it has a combination entry pad on the right and a circuitry panel on the left side of the door. Note on the panel the number 4 on the upper corner of the panel. Then divide the rest of the numbers on the panel by four. The resulting code should be entered into the keypad on the right hand panel...226481, by pressing the second X button twice, the sixth X button once, the fourth X button once, the eighth X button once, and then the first X button once.

Go into the apartment and make notes; note the neon sign on the wall, note the computer equipment. Find Catherine's WAC and scan her last notebook entry into your WAC. Access your WAC to read the last entry, in which you find the identity of the Ripper can be found in the Web Runner RIPPER game. Go to the newsroom. If you ARE in Scenario 3, you'll get a message from The Ripper. Go to Ben Dodd's office and talk to him to learn about Catherine's background story difference and some other interesting points. If you're in Scenario 4, ask him about Vigo Haman. Now go to your desk and deck into the Wofford Well (password is VULCAN, remember). Talk to the holograph of Hamilton Wofford.

Learn about Weapon One, Weapon Two, and Weapon Three, about Virtual Whitechapel, the passwords to the weapon wells, the software integrator, and the way to use the weapon. Exit the WELL and go directly to the Weapon One Well (Password is PEGASUS). This has an annoying chess- like puzzle; get your pawns off the board as soon as you can, and don't let your opponent get HIS off the board. It's hard to explain this one, what with pieces becoming more powerful as they move and such, so I recommend you just bypass it by typing 'ASPIRIN.' You'll get Weapon One. Now go to the Weapon Two WELL, with the password 'ORESTES.'

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