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You'll face a four-armed monster; shoot it in the eyes and the blue orb in the forehead to kill it. Or, once again, just type 'ARCADE' to kill it immediately and get the second part. Then deck to the Weapon Three WELL (Password is 'ODYSSEUS') You'll face a big rat-shaped ICE monster. Hit it in the eye repeatedly to kill it, or just type 'ARCADE' again. Now that you have all three Weapon pieces, deck to the Virtual Herald WELL, and read your own report on Vic's murder, as well as the dates of the other murders. Exit that WELL and go to Falconetti's Secret WELL again (Leather Apron)

16.> Turn left twice to find the book Gambit mentioned. Read the Ripper letter on the first page, then turn pages till you see a list of books on one side of the page and blank spaces on the right. Use the Ripper letter to solve this puzzle; each sentence correlates to a book title on the puzzle page. Drag the titles from left to the right side in the proper order. The correct order is: 1.> The VR- Living Complete Book of Home Repair 2.> The Open Road: A History of 20th Century Auto Racing 3.> Epileptic Reactions to VR Environments 4.> The NEO New Age: Tearing Down the Myths 5.> Earn Thousands as a VR Data Angel 6.> The Duchess in the Clock Tower 7.> Virtual Fly Fishing, Where There's Always A Hatch To Match 8.> Phoenix: Phact Or Phiction? 9.> Short Excursions into VR Role Playing 10.> Topical Agents for the Treatment of Hemhorrhaging 11.> Deficit Spending in the Late 20th Century 12.> Van Gogh: A Psychological Study 13.> Keep Sharp: A Cutlery Collector's Bible 14.> Rabbi T.S. Foote: A Biography

(Or, if that seems a bit confusing, just type 'SPONGE' to bypass it) Anyway, you should get an audio journal of the Web Runner's original Ripper game, which will be scanned into your WAC. View the next-to-the-last page of the book. Then exit cyberspace back to the Newsroom and play the audio file you found in the WELL. Listen to the whole thing.

17.) Go to Soap Beatty's Smoke Shop, and talk to him for a while; go through all choices possible, then go back to Meta-Cog. Go to the ICU and talk to Bud. Click right of Bud to go to the computer and enter the dates of the Ripper murders on the keyboard; 11-19, 11-20, 11- 21. Hmmm; Catherine's brain activity bursts correspond to those dates. Weird. Talk to Bud about this. If you're in Scenario 2, ask Bud what he thinks of the picture of Magnotta as the Ripper. If you're in Scenario 3, ask Bud what he thinks of the picture of Falconetti as the Ripper.

In either case, deck back into Catherine's mind and talk to her with the statements in this order: 1.) Magnotta, Falconetti, and Burton all played the Web Runners' Ripper Game-last time somebody was killed 2.) Ask about Burton's secret lab project, 3.) Ask why she didn't tell you why she was close to the Ripper, 4.) Ask her who Josie Dorsett was, 5.) Ask her how she was attacked. If you're in Scenario 4, ask her if the Ripper is still after her. After that, you'll find out some rather nasty things. Oh, and if you're in Scenario 4, ask her how she knows about Farley when she's in a closed cyberspace system...exit her mind and cyberspace, then go to Panfinancial. Go to the main counter and talk to George Rhodes about info he has for Catherine; he'll tell you it's in safe deposit box #759.

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