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Go to the box and access your WAC notebook. Look at the entry on Rhodes taken from her Rolodex. Enter the numbers on that entry on the control pad of the box: 185621, and click Enter. You'll find an electronic ledger; scan it in, and then examine it in the WAC to find the Berman WELL password. The rest seems to be about transferring money to an account called 'Simian Technologies.' Go back to the newsroom and deck to the Berman Well (Password: Berman4). You face a moving Concentration Puzzle for this one. Clicking on a panel will reveal a UPC code label, with numbers at the bottom.

You need to match three tiles; this is ANNOYING except in easy mode. If you're in easy mode, click on the first tile in the top row, the firt tile in the third row, and the third tile in the last row. Otherwise, the best chance you have of winning is to first pick (somehow) a tile with the number 3411700863-this is the ONLY one with three matches on the board. ARRGH! (Clue: stick to Easy mode for this one!) Find the 'Simian Tech' ledger in the WELL and read the documents. This stuff will be scanned into your WAC. Read the next page; if you're in Scenario 1, you'll find the Berman account is owned by Vigo Haman, otherwise, it's worthless. Leave this WELL and go to Maximum Cain's WELL (Password: Digital Eden).

18.) Soap apparently told this guy you were coming. Talk to him to learn that you'll need a sensor program, an anti-viral code, and a compression program. He gives you the compression program and tells you to get the sensor at the Isis WELL. Deck to there; the password is Psy Bard. You run into a heiroglyphics puzzle. This is Egyptian stuff, by the way, and you hear that the Vulture may be the beginning; in fact it is; the Vulture represents 'A.' (that's the fourth from the top on the left side) Go clockwise through the glyphs (each represents a letter), and ignore the four corner glyphs.

Click on the ones that represent the letters 'H' 'O' 'R' 'U' and 'S.' Or, to be simpler, Top row-fourth from right, right side-third from bottom, bottom-third from right, right side-fourth from top, bottom-fourth from right. Get that right and you get the Sensor program. Now go back to Maximum Cain's WELL (Digital Eden again), and he'll tell you he found an anti-viral program. Go to the Anti- Viral Well, and use the password Exterminator to get through. You get a 'jumping' puzzle. To win, you have to cross the board to any tile in the last row. By clicking on a tile immediately adjacent to you in any direction, you jump to that tile as long as it's red or green. If it's blank, you can't go to it, and if it's black with a skull and crossbones on it, you're stuck.

If the skull & crossbone tiles block you or you stand on a tile when it changes to skull & crossbones, you lose. To win at ANY difficulty level (the only difference is the harder the level, the FASTER you have to do this), follow this path: 1.> Left 2.> Forward 3.> Left 4.> Forward 5.> Forward 6.> Left 7.> Forward 8.> Right 9.> Right 10.> Right 11.> Forward 12.> Back 13.> Forward 14.> Right 15.> Left 16.> Right 17.> Forward 18.> Forward. Once you get through that (or just type 'PRETZEL' to bypass it), you get the Anti-Viral program in your WAC. Exit cyberspace and go back to the Newsroom. View the documents you copied in the Berman WELL. Note the signatures. Then go to Soap Beatty's Smoke Shop. Ask Soap to analyze the signatures, comparing them to those from Magnotta and Burton. After a quick analysis, he determines they are Burton's. If you're NOT in Scenario 1, skip to #20. Else go to the police station and talk to Lou Brannon about Vigo Haman. Go to Magnotta's office and tell him you know more about Burton's secret project.

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