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After talking to editor (stupid), leave office and (map screen) go to Carib Island. Talk to painter and get cup. Go Right to museum. Try to use cup with fountain, tap can't be used without knob.

Enter museum. In Gallery, notice the Pirates wall hangings and the compass set on East (with message about South wind). Go up stairs to gunnery. Notice cloth in wall and the shield on wall that seems like it should turn. Go thru alcove to library. Open window (see car below) look at ancient book and read letter in it. Return to painter and ask about Pirate.


Go to Beach: See flat rock in lower left of screen, with crack in it and crab crawling around. Open bungalow door and examine jacket (piece of cloth missing). Take the dirty mug and Mexican coin. Read Prof's note....about ancient tomb and church.

Return to museum. Use coin with fountain tap. Use cup with fountain. Take clear water to Painter (she 'owes you one.'). Take dirty pot back.

Go to boat pier: Talk to sailor (learn about brother Tobias and his hunt for pirate's treasure). Get professor's magnet. Return to museum. and go to open library window. Use dirty water out window. Then use magnet on pirate compass (south) then go to gunnery. Turn shield on wall. Pick up piece of cloth and then enter passage to hidden room.

Hidden room: Pick up dagger. Take and read Columbus Manuscript. Open trunk with rags sticking out. Take Pirate's parchment. Go to pier and talk to sailor again. Show him manuscript and find out about his good luck crab. Bargain for trip. Go outside museum. Use dagger on gum tree. Use bungalow mug on resin. Get more fresh water for painter. Go to beach. Use resin on flat rock and then use crab bait. Walk away. (crab emerges and gets stuck). Pick up crab. Go to painter: use crab. Use pot of clean water. Use crab again. Give rum and get crab. Go to pier: Give crab to sailor and go diving.

The Dive

Go screen Left to 'sub/ship'. in lower right corner of ship, discover compartment. Take the black box. Go all the way to screen Right to see gate, portal and 'machine' with slot for entry. Return to mooring rope. Use mooring rope to return to map. (You won't be coming back here until almost the end of the game.)


Return to London and use black box with your editor. Listen to the recording. Map now has church on it. Go to church. Go all the way to screen Right to find the cat and ladder and girl. Talk to her. Go back left and take leaky bucket. Go around behind church corner to Farm. Use cloth with resin cup. Use sticky cloth with bucket. Use bucket with cow to get milk. Return to cat and use milk on cat. Pick up cat. Use cat on broken window in church. (automatic scene) Use ladder.

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