Inside Church: Game Guide

Inside Church

Take urn with ashes. Unbolt door. Take bolt. Look at confessional booth. 'Use' confessional booth. Use bolt on booth to pry it away from wall. Enter secret passage. Notice rat that's lurking under stairway, near iron bars. Walk into the archeological dig 'tunnel'. Look at hieroglyphics on wall. Use urn/ashes on hieroglyphics (you may have to use a paper first). Look at sculpted picture of Stonehenge. Look at sculpted head, like Easter Island. Look at alcove...see bones, take medallion. Exit. Exit church (automatic scene of weather). return inside church and pick up 'strange object' from window rubble. Exit to map.


Map should now have Easter Island and Stonehenge on it. But go back to your editor and give him the ash rubbings. He'll recognize dialect and talk about Prince from Algiers (this puts it on map). Exit and go to Algier Desert.

Desert Fort

Talk to woman outside tent. Go to other, larger tent. Try talking to him (get kicked out). Go to fort. Talk to guard. Talk to prisoner. In this conversation, you should find out abut the Holy Man of the mountain who can translate your hieroglyphics (this puts cave on map) and he should also give you a ring for his wife so she will help you. Go into Bazaar and talk to merchant (can't do much now). Go back to L (wife) and give her the ring. Enter the tent.


Look at broken pot on floor. See hole in tent wall (caused by bullet). Exit and talk to L. She should tell you that a crash awoke her. Re-enter tent and look at base of pole and 'take' this hotspot to see bullet (you should be able to line trajectory up with top of fort). Go back to other tent and try to talk to the guy. Exit and talk to wife again. Get food for prisoner, Re-enter fort. Notice locked door directly behind guard in the far wall. Give bread to prisoner. Ask him how food was. He should give you lock pick.

Desert Mountain/Village

Look at jeep tire marks. Enter building. Talk to holy man (find out that the man with the eye patch stole gem that protects the tribe -- and that the jeep took off toward 'village'). Ask him to translate rubbings. This should tell you about 'strange object' from church. Go to the door in the cave, Lev. locator works. Ask holy man about door. (He'll tell you about sacred word to open door to cave of mysteries.) Exit cave and 'use' tire tracks to follow thief to village. See jeep. Notice rusty hole in jeep, above front tire. Enter butcher shop. Notice little bottle and rat bait. Talk to shopkeeper.

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