Easter Island: Game Guide

Go behind building to square and talk to one-eyed man. You can play the game as often as you want, but there is no reason to play until you have ability to rig game in your favor. Return to butcher shop. Ask shop keeper about rat bait. He should let you take a croquette. Return to cave area and exit to map and select Easter Island.

Easter Island

Talk to petty thief. It's Tobias, the sailor's brother, a crazy guy. Ask about island. Then exit screen right to statues. Take shell necklace from the first statue. Go screen right (lower corner) to get to lighthouse. Take glass jar off milestone. Enter lighthouse. You can't do anything with broken light right now. Return to statues and then take screen right path (higher up than lighthouse) to take path to Tobias's shack.


Talk to Tobias. Get the island picture from him. Take rubber tubing near the petrol can. Show the M parchment to Tobias. Show him rubbings paper...he'll tell you about batcave at end of path (off screen left). Go to path and cave. At cave, see termite hill and try to enter cave (too dark). Use rat croquette with empty jar (in inventory). Use bait/jar with termites. Take jar of termites. Go all the way back to airport and exit to map. Go to Stonehenge.


See standing rocks and notice central rock. Nothing to do here now. Go to (upper screen left) to worker's hut. Talk to worker. Use lockpick on hut door and enter. Take metal file from table and take plumb line from boxes in right corner. Exit back to map and return to Desert.


Talk to wife and ask her if she knows magic word for cave door. (royalty knows it.) Ask guard why turret is closed. (locked door). Talk to prisoner and ask him if he knows the magic word for the cave of Mystery. He does, and makes a deal to tell you if you save him. Create a snake by combining the rubber tubing, the plumb line and the shell necklace. Use this fake snake on camel. Go into first tent and tell man that his camel, bolted. He will send you to Bazaar merchant. Go to Bazaar and deliver message. He leaves (but you still can't get past dog).

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