Desert: Game Guide


Go to fort and use duplicate key on jeep which is once again parked by jail cells. Take contents of jeep -- drive belt and flares. With back hatch open, you can now see license plate 517 - 462. (First number should be familiar). Enter Bazaar and hear two conspirators talking. Listen to tale of death of cursed camel. Follow them to back door and 'use' door to observe them and hear their plot and about their contract -- which is in large safe. When they go down passage, go to large safe and use combo (462) to open. Just set each number by using dials. Take contract. Go talk to guard. This conversation 'gives' the guard the rifle (you can't do it directly). Then give him silencer. Then talk to him about plot and show him contract. You get key to free Prince (automatic scene). You get magic words of Open Sesame. Return to cave. Tell him sacred command. Go to inner cave and hear about myth of gods fallen from sky. Notice mechanism, compartment and hole. Exit and return to map. Go to Stonehenge.


Go to construction yard (worker's shack). Use drive belt (from jeep) with worker. (automatic scene) Once he's on the phone, you can click anytime, while he's talking, which 'releases' you to leave shack. Lever on the tractor to lift stone. Enter underground room. Take strange green object off pedestal and take thin bronze tube and take cracked crystal from center altar. You can now combine tube with cartridge case to create a make-shift blow pipe. Return to yard and then to map. Go to Easter Island.

Easter Island

Go to lighthouse and enter. Use flares (from jeep) in lamp holder. Turn handle to shine light on cave. -- but now air balloon blocks light from reaching cave. Exit back to map and go to Carib Island.

Carib Island

Get completed picture from painter. Take this fake treasure map back to Tobias at his shack.

Easter Island

Give fake treasure map to Tobias (automatic scene). Enter hut. Take chrome paint can and car jack and shard of glass that is in the broken window over washing machine. Leave hut and use gas burner on balloon to deflate it. Go to bat cave. Enter bat cave (now lit by lighthouse). See graffiti, fountain and stone head carved in cave. Notice small hole inside mouth of head. Use rubber tube with fountain, to divert stream of water, and enter secret passage. Pick up ancient parchment, use car jack with tombstone. Take medallion. Return to head statues and talk to Tobias who is digging. Exit to map and go to Desert.

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