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Return to the inner cave and use Magnetium object (from Stonehenge underground) on hole in mechanism. Doesn't power up. Holy man should tell you about sacred gem that was stolen, again.

Go to Village Use telescope lens on rusty hole in jeep to start burn-through to tire. Go around to square and start to play game with crook. (automatic scene). Take mother-of-pearl snuff box under middle cup -- you can't take the wooden boxes under other cups. With box in inventory, use lev. filings with it. Use this with dirty cup on table to return it to position. Crook should return. Ask to play (automatic scene...keep playing) He gives you gem. Return to inner cave and give gem to holy man (automatic scene). Mechanism is now powered up. 'Use' helmet to see transmission from medallion that is *already* in the compartment (don't worry about instructions for reading other medallions, all you'll have to do is insert them and use the helmet).

Open compartment and remove the medallion (that was already there, that you just heard) and insert medallion from Batcave. Use helmet. After this transition, use parchment from her tomb and you should 'see' co-ordinates that put Yucatan on map. Open compartment and remove this medallion and insert medallion from Church. This gives you instructions on how to recharge the Lev. finder at Stonehenge-- (Lev finder on center stone, put crystal cube on finder and when Red color, it's charged... take finder away). Exit to map and go to Yucatan.


Look at sun-bleached rock and at plants. Go off screen R to Mystic's hut. Look at marks on stone idol outside hut -- these are a musical score. Talk to Mystic...'Come back with precise question' Go back to forest and exit screen left ('above' rock) to Pyramid. See boa constrictor by Mayan Head. Go to (chamber) door 'behind' Mayan head ...see four buttons and push them to learn that they control movement: left up right down.

Return to Mystic's hut and talk to him about what you have discovered. He will tell you the secret to entering the pyramid: You need a snake, a yellow flower of sun, egg of bird and bone of animal cursed by man (this last item should remind you of your desert carrying-ons). Return to pyramid and approach boa. Use sleeping rat on it. Take snake. Go around behind the pyramid(left corner), and see nest up near top of pyramid. Use make-shift blow pipe (bronze tube combined with cartridge case) on nest. Examine fallen nest and take egg. Return to forest area. Use chrome spray with shard of glass (from Tobias' cabin) to make mirror. Use mirror on sun-drenched rock to turn flower yellow with sun. Pick the flower. Return to mystic with snake, egg and flower. Exit to map and go to butcher shop in Desert Village.

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