Butcher Shop: Game Guide

Butcher Shop

Talk to butcher. Look at thigh bone. Talk to butcher again and buy the bone. Take bone. Return to Yucatan.


Go to Mystic and give him bone. (automatic scene). Talk to Mystic, when he finishes (you now have musical pipe in your inventory). Use pipe with Marks on Idol to play the pipe. Go to snake room in pyramid and move mechanism: Up, up, right, up, up, down, up. This opens back door of pyramid. Exit and go round to opened back door. See painting of medallion being thrown into water. Return and ask Mystic about drawing (automatic scene). Exit on path to Lake that now appears. You can't get past crocodile.

Metal Net

Easter Island: go back to Tobias who is still digging and talk to him. (automatic scene). Carib Island: go back to sailor on pier and tell him Tobias has found treasure. He leaves. Take metal net and return to small lake in Yucatan.


Use metal net with crocodile. Notice stone idol by lake -- and the way the faces are facing. Go tell Mystic that you have trapped crocodile. Enter his hut. Open his 'coffer' trunk, see and take the eight stone faces. Return to back of pyramid and enter inner chamber.

Place faces in 4-square tile openings, on either side of door, to match the stone idols.

  • Top is two smiles, facing inward toward each other and bottom are two frowns, facing outward.
  • Top is two frowns, facing outward and bottom are two smiles, facing inward toward each other.

This opens door at top of stairs in the front of the pyramid. Go to it. See heads/masks along the wall. Notice that touching crystal in mouth changes its color. Nothing you can do now. Return and talk to Mystic. Ask him about his swim, he will give you medallion. Ask about crystals. Exit to map and go to desert cave of holy man.

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