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This solve is mostly for the puzzle aspects of the game. You will obviously have to do the fighting on your own, and since it is hard to describe which way you are supposed to go, you may have to wander around a bit and/or try some rooms until you get the right one. Here goes.


Beat up the gatekeeper. Get the Thompson, recharge and flask. Go down the path. Kill the guards if you have to. Push the anchor altar down out of the entryway. Go through. Kill guy who will come after you. Get the photo. Keep going straight, then turn right. Kill guy who comes after you. Get flask and recharge. Get the rope which is lying on a card of diamonds on the ground. Return to main corridor. Keep going straight. Kill guy who comes. Go up, then right and kill that guy. Continue to end of passage. Get recharge from the very end. Return to crossroads, go down and kill the zombie guy. Get book from him. Continue down the passage until you reach four cards on the ground. Get grappling hook. Combine it with the rope. Stand on the card of diamonds (the others kill you). You will fall into a

cave. Kill the guy down there. Get the fragment of a notebook. Push the chest away, get the metal card. The altar at the end of the corridor will rise. Kill the ghost which will come with any weapon. Get the saber which the ghost will leave. Place the metal card on the altar. Go to the ladder (the other way from the entrance). Get flask, go up. Return to crossroads. Go up and left. Turn left the first chance you get. Kill the gangster, go down passage. Kill the moving vines with the saber from the ghost. Keep going. Kill Shorty Leg. Get journal. Use the grappling hook by the statue. Go down, go back towards the ladder and pick up the five-cent piece. Walk down the bridge, get the crank from the edge (careful, don't fall). Get paper bag from across bridge, you can inflate it if you want (it's not really

necessary). Go to the very end. Get the journal page and pipe-cleaner from the dead body. Use the journal piece. It will combine with the one from the underground. Use the journal page in front of the door. Use pipe cleaner on door to push the key out. Use the key to open the door. Kill guy, get shotgun (You can, I believe, pop the paper bag to make the guy stumble into the lever which will cause a barrel to throw him off the cliff). Use the crank at the side of the grandfather clock. Go through the secret door. Get the book, continue down passage and get shotgun shells, take elevator up.


Kill Music Man (Possibly, you can rip up his contract to kill him) and get the hook from him. Pick up the board from beside the bucket in the laundry room. Go through door on the top wall. Kill the two idiots, get shotgun shells from the table. Shoot or hit (with the board) all four blocks into diamonds. Kill the guy, go into the winecellar. Get whiskey bottle, and books. Use 5-cent piece on slot machine by the door. You will win two tokens. Go back out, kill the guy in his underwear. Get bag with Santa Claus costume. Put it on. Go upstairs. The cook will not call for help if you have the Santa Claus costume on (I think...I didn't put it on and he got all the guys on this level to come after me). Go into the kitchen, killing any guys who get in your way. Watch the trident which the statue will

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Alone in the Dark 2

Alone in the Dark 2
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