PART 3: THE GIRL: Komplettlösung Alone in the Dark 2

throw at you. It takes some fancy footwork to avoid it. Get the wine from the counter in the kitchen, the poison from beside the dumbwaiter, and eggs and frying pan from table (optional). Use the poison to poison the wine. Go into adjoining room. Get billiard ball from the Christmas tree. Place the wine by the door opposite the statue. The two guys will die from the poison. Before you go through, get the crown off the statue. Go through the newlyopened door. Put both tokens in the music machine. Get the doublon from the floor in the middle of the room. Go into the bedroom, get bullet-proof vest and Thompson from the room. Go back, and go upstairs. Open the door. Go into the door by the bottom of the screen. Beat up the guy in the billiard room. Get the cane and revolver from him. Get book and 1/2 parchment from

the bookcase. Put the billiard ball in the plinko machine (you have to stand in front of it). Go back out to the corridor. Go through the door at the end of the corridor. Kill the sword-bearing arms in the corner of the room with the cane from the billiard room. Get the other 1/2 parchment from pedestal. Combine them. Put the crown from the statue on the bust of the queen. Go into the adjoining room with all the weird faces. Get the amulet from the ground. You'll float up. Get the message and flask from the room. Get out of room. Kill the ninja and gunman who come at you. Get the grenade and key from them. Get a Thompson and recharge from the chest. Go into room opposite the chest. Use the doublon in the jack-in-the-box. Get tassel (pompoon). Go through the remaining door. There will be the clown. Throw

the pompoon through the doorway into the room with the snakes (you have to be standing right in the doorway). The clown will chase it and draw off the snakes. Head for the hole (if you didn't kill all the guys down there, you can throw the grenade down the hole to kill them). Climb down. Go upstairs. Use the key on door in the billiard room. After the speech, use the hook on the grates in front of you to get out of the cell. Go downstairs, go as if you were going towards the kitchen. Elizabeth will capture you. After the speech, you will control the girl.


Walk up to the planks covering the wall (the small ones). You will open the doorway. Get sack of grain, sandwich and pepper shaker from the table. Give grain to parrot. Go out, move left and hide behind the wall (in the little opening) on the other side of the ladder (you can't climb up that one). Then run behind the pirate to where he came from and go up that ladder. Go up to the top deck. Go behind the fat guy with the stick, between the hatch you just came from and the boxes. Walk all the way to the side of the ship that way to avoid them seeing you. Pick up the cannon lighter on the deck and climb down the hatch (only one side will let you go down). Open the chest in the cabin. Get the small cannon. Get the crystal glass from the bookcase. Get the captain's stick from beside the bed (kind of in the

closet). Use the small cannon. Use the pepper shaker and walk up to the cannon when you have the pepper shaker in hand. Throw the crystal anywhere, as long as it breaks. This will attract a pirate to come into the room. Use the cannon lighter from the top deck and walk up to the cannon (again with the cannon lighter in hand) to fire the cannon and kill the guy (make sure he is in the way when you fire, as you only have one shot). Get the bell from the corridor. Go into door opposite the one you just came from. Get the chicken claw from the table. Ring the bell beside the dumbwaiter (the thing by the windows) and get into it quickly when it opens. You will get a key. You will now be back in the house. Use the key by the cabinet

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Alone in the Dark 2

Alone in the Dark 2
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