PART 4: THE JOLLY ROGER: Komplettlösung Alone in the Dark 2

which is standing right beside the door to the room with the Christmas tree. You will get an ice cube and molasses. Go out into the main hall (where the statue is). A guy will begin to come after you. Use either the molasses or the ice cube right in the doorway to the kitchen and retreat a bit. The guy will either slip and kill himself, or get permanently stuck in the molasses-your choice. Go upstairs. Use the remaining item to get rid of the guy waiting in the staircase. Go into the corridor. Go into the billiard room. Get the token if you want, but it is useless. Anyway, go into the room with the cell. Walk right up to the desk which is kind of beside the cell and use the captain's stick from the ship. You will get a key and some reading material. Also, the door to the other bedroom will open.

Go into that room (the one with the bust of the queen). Go into the room with the altar (where you got the amulet before) and place the captain's stick on the square in front of the altar. It will get changed into a Lao's stick or something like that. Go back down and go into the kitchen. There will be a new goon in the kitchen, so lead him back over the ice cube or molasses which you left in the doorway. Ring the bell by the dumbwaiter again and climb in. When you get out, the two small cooks will catch you. You will now get control of the guy again, with the key lying on the ground.


You will now control the guy's arms. Reach down and pick up the key and use it to get out of your chains. Beat up the guy in the cell and get the pirate's saber. Go out through the big door this time. Kill the guy in the parrot room. Get the thompson and flask. Go out into the corridor. Kill that pirate. Get the pirate gun and short fuse. Go into the room opposite the one you came out of. Kill both the guys. Pick up the wellused key, fire poker and pliers from that room. Go out, go to the other door. Use the well-used key to open it. This is the powder room. Don't use any sort of a gun in here, or you'll blow up the entire ship. Use the saber to kill the fencer. HINT: do the overhead strike, which he'll block, and immediately follow it up with a sideways strike to hit him. Get the book

and barrel of powder from this room. OPTIONAL: If you want, you can go behind the ladder and open those two doors. There is nothing important in any of them, just some chainmail suits which can be used as temporary protection. Go up the ladder. Open the door right beside the ladder (depending on the one you went up), and kill the sleeping guy (shooting a gun will wake him up). Get pirate pistol ammunition. Use pliers and walk up to the barrel of the cannon, where the wires are attached to cut them. Select the push option and just walk up to the side of cannon, where there is a sort of a handle to turn it and point it at the adjacent room. Walk into the room across the hall. Place the powderkeg in the entryway without waking up any of the guys. Go back into the cannon room, use the wick at the

back of the cannon. Use the firepoker to light the wick and watch the bunkroom blow up. Go in there and pick up the bag of gold and the flask. Use the bag of gold in the corridor by the two locked doors. One will open. Kill the two cooks. Go into the kitchen. Open the room to the pantry. Kill the big cook. Get the metal card from him. Go back to the corridor and use the metal card on the door opposite the kitchen to open it. You will be captured by Elizabeth again and you will become the girl.

Use the cane of Lao which you got from the altar room in the house and walk up to the statue of Captain Nichols to open the door. Go through. Walk up to the altar. You won't be able to approach it, so use the chicken

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Alone in the Dark 2

Alone in the Dark 2
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