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Welcome to THE COLONEL'S BEQUEST! This game requires a bit of an introduction, as it is somewhat different than other Sierra games. You will probably have to play it twice (at least) to be able to complete it fully.

THE COLONEL'S BEQUEST operates in a 'real-time' mode. The game is divided into eight Acts, each lasting one hour (not real time!). There are things you must do in each Act, yet it is possible to finish the game without completing all you need to do. Some tasks can be performed in more than one Act; others can be performed only in one of the Acts. There is not that much that you can control: You cannot prevent most of the deaths; the bodies don't even hang around too long. You can, however, gather as much information as possible for clues to who did it!

There is no score kept during the game. When you finish, you will see a meter showing the extent of your sleuthing skills. You'll also be shown (if you wish) a list of hints regarding the items you missed. There are actually not that many puzzles in this game. Rather, you must interact with the characters you encounter. A full description of each is available if you LOOK AT him or her. You must question each about the other, sometimes telling them information to try to prompt a response, and occasionally showing them items in the hope of making them comment. This is a very important part of the game.

One last note: For some strange reason, time passes much more quickly in the house than it does outside. Bear that in mind!

ACT I (7:00 - 8:00)

Look around your room. Open the chute under the three pictures. I wonder where that goes? Go through the door at the back of your room. Ethel, Lillian's mother, is sitting there. Question her about everyone else in the house. Notice that she has a handkerchief.

Go back through your room, into the hallway, and up into the bathroom. Watch Lillian put on her perfume. (For a taste of Sierra humor, try using the toilet when Lillian leaves!) Look in the wastebasket. It's empty now; better try that one again later.

Back in your room, Lillian and Ethel are talking about Gertie, but as you enter the room, they stop. How are you going to catch what is being said? Look at the picture on the wall. Why would the eyes have a vacant stare? Go

back out of your room and push the armoire to reveal a secret room. Go in and look through the two holes in the wall. Every room where conversation takes place can be spied on in this way.

Go across the hall to Henri's room. Ooops! Looks like you caught Fifi and the Colonel! Now to spy on them. Go back out to the hall, push the other armoir, and look through those two holes. Caught in the act!

Back through Henri's room into the Doctor's room at the back. Look at the bag on the bed. Look at the Colonel's cigar. Now to see what's going on downstairs. Careful not to lean on the banister: It'll fall and you'll drop to your death! Also, the closet on the top of the stairs is sometimes empty; other times, it appears to be bottomless, and sucks you to your death.

Downstairs, push the clock and mirror on either wall to spy on the rooms there. Spy on Rudy and Gloria in the Billiards room to find out about her affair with Clarence, and then on Clarence and Gertie in the Parlor. Clarence smokes, too, so look at his cigar. Watch Gloria threaten the Doctor.

Go into the Parlor and talk to Polly the parrot. Polly wants a cracker. Well, see if you can oblige. (Actually, there is a treat for every animal in this game). Back upstairs, look at Gloria asleep in her bed.

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The Colonel's Bequest

The Colonel's Bequest
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Plattformen: PC
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