ACT II (8:00 - 9:00): Komplettlösung The Colonel's Bequest

ACT II (8:00 - 9:00)

Go into Gertie's room. The window is open! Look through it. Something is on the ground! Quickly run downstairs; pick up the handkerchief from the floor on the way. Yep. Gertie has fallen out of her window to her death. Or...was she pushed?

Go into the Study and examine the weapons collection. Go into the kitchen and get the soupbone from the refrigerator. Go outside and toss the bone to the dog. When he comes out of his kennel, search it. You'll find a necklace inside!

Now, down into the basement through the two doors (you must stand in just the right place to open them). This is Jeeves's room, and he's in bed. Get the crackers that are lying on the table. Examine the walls.

Back upstairs, give one cracker to Polly the parrot. You have seven crackers; feed one to Polly in each of the remaining acts, and she'll reward you with a repetition of some of the conversations she overheard. Spy on Clarence and Wilbur talking outside. Follow them into the dining room and then go into the secret room to catch what is being said. Watch Lillian and Celie the cook talking. Watch Wilbur sitting all alone in the library.

ACT III (9:00 - 10:00)

Go to the library. Looks like there's been a struggle here! Pick up the cane from the floor. Look at the magazine lying on the table. Go upstairs to the Doctor's room. Notice that his bag is missing. Push open the armoir and find a cane inside.

Go outside to the Chapel. You'll find the Doctor's body on the floor. Search his body. Get the matchbook and the monocle (UGH!) -- it'll make a good magnifying glass. Examine whatever you find with the monocle; you can start with the poker. Yep, blood stains! You'll notice a loose floorboard. It's a pity you have nothing to pry it open with!

On your way back to the house, stop off at the playhouse. Knock at the door, and Lillian will let you in. She sure is acting strangely! Back upstairs, spy on Gloria listening to her music, and then on Henri. Surprise, surprise, he can walk without his cane! When he's not around, go into his room and

get the brass key from inside the cannon on the fireplace. Use it to unlock the elevator and rise up to the attic. (It is the only way to enter the attic until Act VIII).

Search the attic, open the trunk, and read the newspapers. Watch Rudy and Fifi fight. See Clarence asleep in his room, and Gloria alone in the Billiards room. Feed Polly, and then go outside.

Go all the way to the top right of the grounds to Celie's house. Knock, and when she appears, give her the necklace. She is very thankful and invites you in. She'll even mention that she dabbles in voodoo! Ask her for the carrot lying on the table. Go to the stable and feed the carrot to Blaze the horse. You can now safely get the lantern.

ACT IV (10:00 - 11:00)

Catch Lillian in the weapons cabinet. Now, why would she be interested in guns? Find the cigar butt in the secret room...hmmm, who smoked a cigar? In the Billiards room, examine the mud on the floor. There are pink feathers there, too. Who wears pink feathers? Gloria! Uh oh!

Go to the gazebo and find Gloria's dead body there, strangled with her own feather boa! While outside, you'll bump into Ethel (drunk), and see Rudy and Clarence fight. Catch Jeeves and Fifi in the kitchen. Now, what are those two up to? Feed another cracker to Polly, and examine the decanter that is on the bar.

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The Colonel's Bequest

The Colonel's Bequest
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