ACT V (11:00 - 12:00): Komplettlösung The Colonel's Bequest

ACT V (11:00 - 12:00)

Go to the bottom left of the grounds. You'll find a rolling pin and a footprint in the mud. Examine both with the monocle. Oh, no! Looks like another murder has taken place.

Proceed to the carriage house, and find Ethel's body. Get the crowbar from in the carriage, and the oil can from the table.

In the house, watch Fifi get dressed (sorry, this isn't LARRY!) and apply her perfume. Jeeves is also getting dressed up in his basement (I wonder why!?). Spy on Henri talking to Lillian in his bedroom. Notice the smell of perfume in the secret room (who wore perfume?). Notice Rudy eating alone in the dining room. While you're there, examine the chute. Watch Clarence drink alone in the parlor. Yes, and give Polly a cracker.

ACT VI (12:00 - 1:00)

Search the wastebasket in the bathroom. Look at the bottle, and read the small print with your monocle. Poison! Go upstairs to Fifi's room, and find Fifi and Jeeves dead on the floor! Use the monocle to examine their cups and the decanter. Notice the fingerprints.

On your way downstairs, spy on your room. Notice Lillian write something and hide it in her suitcase when you enter the room. Clarence is busy writing something, too. Give Polly a cracker, and go outside to the back.

Watch Rudy and the dog. Go to Celie's house and knock on her door. Hmmm, she sure is scared! Back to the house.

Look at the armor downstairs, next to the front door. Oil the visor and open it. (Careful not to use all your oil; you'll need some of it later). Read the note inside, and get the handle.

ACT VII (1:00 - 2:00)

Feed Polly a cracker, then go upstairs to Clarence's room and read what he has written. There's blood on the floor. More foul play! Go into the bathroom at examine Clarence's body lying in the bathtub.

Go into your room and read Lillian's diary. Oh, no! Looks like you have found the murderer! You suddenly recall Lillian at the weapons cabinet. Make a quick check to see what is missing. Now to find Lillian.

She is back at her Playhouse, talking to her dolls again. There is a board on the wall. It seems to say, 'four gone, two to go'!

Go to the Chapel and pray with Celie. Lift the loose floorboard with the crowbar. Look at the Bible that is hidden inside. Next door to the Chapel is the bell tower. Oil the bell, and then pull the rope to ring it. What, you can't reach it? Use the cane! Be careful, though: Stand on the side; if you stand underneath the bell, it'll fall and kill you. Examine the bell and get the crank from inside.

Go into the hedge garden. With the handle, turn on the fountain. There is a hole in the base that it fits into. Now, push the statue to reveal a secret stairway. Light the lantern with your matches, and go down.

Yuk! Look at those dead bodies. They must have been dumped down the chutes in the kitchen and your bedroom. Go into the next secret passageway, and pry open the vault with the crowbar. Unbar the door to get out. Upstairs, you'll catch Rudy searching Lillian's room.

ACT VIII (2:00 - 3:00)

Give Polly her last cracker, then go out front. There's a note on the front door. Read it. Oh, dear, you'd better run to the Hedge Garden.

Hmmm, what's going on? Lillian is lying dead on the floor! Get the gun and the bullet, and place the bullet into the gun. Something is very wrong; go back to the house.

There is a noise upstairs. Go up to the attic (the door will be open now). Rudy and the Colonel are fighting. Quick! You have to save the Colonel. Shoot Rudy (where did you learn to shoot that well?)...and let the game take over.

You can now get a list of hints on whatever you might have missed (well, not if you used this walkthru, you won't!).

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The Colonel's Bequest

The Colonel's Bequest
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