Komplettlösung Fable

Part I The Frozen Lands

Get pendant from village elder Walk up (not right) to frozen lands. Walk up again to bridge. Talk to the hunter. Move shoe cursor to the right and click on walk to Weldas house. Do not walk on the bridge.

There are several items here you dont use or need in the game i'll leave it up to you to take them or not.

Use door (on house near cat), when the cat turns into a ghost, use the pendant on the ghost and it will disappear.

Go inside and talk to Welda, get the bag of seeds and leave. Go to the cellar next to the house by using cellar door, and walking to on small screen inset. Get the rope and the stauette in here then leave and go back to where you saw the village elder.

Save game as and when you feel it is necessary to do so, its important to save often otherwise when you get killed you have to restart! I'll leave it up to you when to save but let you know when I saved.

Walk right to the frozen lands, then walk to frozen lake. Look at chair, examine chair, talk to Spirit, and get orb. Walk to the edge of the forest.

Talk to well dressed gentleman and give him the statuette, he will then let you pass. Walk right to forest path and save game if you like. Walk to path of sculptures. Get rusty shield (by looking at object sticking out of snow, examining it and taking it). Look at fallen soldier and examine him, talk to young boy. Walk up to path.

Talk to Drimm, look at and examine tree stump, use lever, there is now an opening in the large tree. Go inside. Look at and examine all three skelentons and you will find a ring. DO NOT WEAR THE RING. Just take the ring and save game, then wear the ring if you want to see what happens! Try to take some fruit for a laugh. Go up.

Use the bag of seeds on the crow and get the pearl necklace from the nest. (This is the necklace the well dressed gentleman is after). Save game if you like to be on the safe side. Walk to forest path, then to the crossing.

Look bushy path, go bushy path, you have to be quick here, use bushes on the right, so you can hide from the giant that comes out. When he goes off, enter the giants home by using the small hole.

Once inside look and examine the pillow to find a small key, use this key on the chest to the left, take one flask of oil, thats all youll need here so exit after having a look about.

Go back to crossing and try to go right, you will be stopped by some men, after talking to the leader and telling him you are off to kill the ice giant, give him the ring, he will die and the others will run away. Look, examine the dead man and take his scarf and his knife. Use the scarf on the shield. Then go down to forest path, dont go right yet.

Walk to the well. Talk again with hunter if you like. Use the long rope on the well, use the rope to go down the well. Use the orb for a light. Talk to the orb for a long conversation! Examine the dirt and get the piece of clay tablet. Go right and repeat process to get other piece of clay tablet, then join the two pieces together. Get orb and leave via the rope.

Go back to where you saw the Spirit and return her orb, leave and return to see the ship renewed, ahh how sweet.

Give the necklace to the well dressed gentleman for some gloves, then use the gloves to get the fruit, only one piece needed. Save game if you like. Then go to the ravine.

Use the clay tablet after talking to the rocks. Go right to the top of the ravine. Look, examine dead body and get sulphur stick. Go to the castle. Talk to the ice giant. Use the oil flask on the ice giant then the sulphur stick. Go inside the castle. Use shield and then talk to the bird, give him the fruit and off you go to level 2.

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Fable (1996)

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