Part II - Land of Mists: Komplettlösung Fable

Part II - Land of Mists

Save game. Talk to the lizard guard. Walk to swamp path. Look under bridge and get dead possum. Give possum to lizard guard and get horn. Look, examine horn, use ear plugs. Go back to swamp path. Walk up until you meet the woman playing the drum, get the hypnotic drum (earplugs protect you here).

Walk to spiders platform. Use horn on spider, look, examine skeleton, get key. Go back to lizard guard. Use hynotic drum on Quickthorpe to make lizard guard go to sleep. Look, examine guard and get key, get lizards spear.

Use key on tower and enter, get axe, book behind curtain, wool blanket, and use key found on skelenton on the cage, talk to Iris and get magic powder. Leave tower and go to the mountain path, and stairs of mists. Get red flower on the rock and vase filled with water. Use the broom handle to go down and see an area of the game you will visit later if you like. Go back up if youve gone down, save the game if required and go up to the city.

Walk to top right hand stone and use powder on vase to get rid of Alladin looking genie! Use axe on gatekeepers shed, enter search hay and get coins, leave and use the stones that will make musical noises, to open the large gates. Use in this order, top, bottom left, then bottom right to open the gates.

Walk inside city and enter door to right, the library. Give the red flower to Izion, talk to him, then give him the book you found in the tower. He will then give you two keys, the smallest of which opens the lock on the gargoyle, the other is for the jewels to go inside.

Use small key on the lock (this is a bit picky, you have to have the key in your hand, then look at the lock, a small screen will come up, then use the key on the lock). This will free the gargoyle.

Next enter the other door to the small house, talk to the dad, then talk to the kids and take the lollipop. Leave and talk to beggar if you like, it wont help you, but you can give him a coin and here his boring stories if you like.

Save game and enter the temple, kill the snake demon with the lizards spear and look around for the diamond and the coins. Leave and walk to the balloon ship.

Talk to the captain about the Engulfed Forest until he kicks the young cabin boy, then give the boy the lolly and he will change the register for you, then give the captain your coins and you are off. When the ship stops save the game and enter the cabin.

Get the magic parchment, socks, look examine the bed for a hairpin, use the hairpin to bend it, use hairpin on box near the chest and get magic stone. Leave cabin and use the hold. Go down the hold and get the raw steak from the left barrel, open the fuel tank and use steak on gunk inside, use gunky steak on socks. Save the game here, leave the hold and jump in the sea for a laugh. Return to previous saved game after shark eats you, and give the shark the sock, he will die.

Use the magic stone on yourself and then use the parchment, and jump into the sea, you will go to the Engulfed Forest.

Part III - The Engulfed Forest

Talk to the sea horses, be friendly. Keep an eye out everywhere down here for oyster shells and when you see one, use the knife to open it and take any pearls you find, you need to find three pearls.

Save the game whilst you are here. When you come across the siren ignore her or she will make sure you fall and die.

At the shell talk to the gardener, try and enter the door, the tortoise wont let you in until you have the three pearls so return when you do have them. There is a hidden path where you entered this part of the game, go there to find a pearl and talk to the guard there.

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