Part IV - The Land of the Shadows: Komplettlösung Fable

Once youve spoken to the guard go back to where you entered the game and talk to the seahorses again, politely to get some kelp, then go to the largue building (engulfed fortress), and give the kelp to Leroy. Dont touch the electric eel for obvious reasons. Get the spade, and return to the tortoise, give him the three pearls you have found. He will give you a map, go back to your entry point, look at the map, and use the spade at the point where the cross is marked, its just to the right of the path.

Get King Thuts treasure by opening chest with hairpin and then take the treasure and give it to Khor (the guard of the cave).

Get Khors spear and enter cave. Then follow below instructions carefully or you will get lost, when you enter the cave (deja vu eh), save the game then enter the tunnel on the left.

Once inside the tunnel :

Go Up, Right, Up, Right, Up and talk to the old man of time by using the right device driver, you will learn that he requires the jewels, trust him at your peril!

Then go back to the entrance by reversing the above, ie down, left, down, left, down.

You will be back at the entrance if you go right again! Anyway stay where you are and go:

Left, down, left, up, up, right to get a crowbar, then repeat the opposite to get back, then go left, down, left, left, up to find a door. Use the crowbar on the door, save game and then enter.

Talk to the gorgon if you like, then use the spear on the cosmic window to kill her, get sapphire and use control switch on the right, this operates the elevator and makes it go down instead of up. Remember this room as you will need to return here at the end of the game.

Go to the elevator by reversing directions ie (out of door then down, right, right, up, right) then right to go out to the elevator.

Use control switch to go down. Save game. Use wool blanket to go down to next part of the game.

Part IV - The Land of the Shadows

Save game. Talk to the gates (use boogieman to get in). Enter and the guards will take you to a cell. Get the cup and the spoon. Use the spoon on the floor ramp, then use it again on the small screen that comes up, (loose stone).

Talk to the fellow prisoner, until he dies then look, examine him and get key. Go back to your cell and use this key to get out, again picky process of using on door then lock.

Once out you can safely talk to the guards and ask for an id card, then go down to the left hand side of the screen and exit. Save game just in case here.

Use spear on Quickthorpe to cross the gap in the bridge. Then walk along the edge until you come to the grim reaper, talk to him, give him id card. Use the cup in the river Stynx and then use the hell rail.

Save game before visiting Chax, the end monster on the next screen to the left. Then go kill him, use the cup on him and thats that. Get the final stone, the ruby, its up on the right hand side.

Then enter the empty catacomb on the right hand side to get back to the elevator. Use the elevator to go up. Save the game here.

Here the ending choice is yours, but the only way i have found to end the game without dying is written below, if anyone has found another ending can they please email me and let me know!

One ending I know of is by giving the Mecubarz key to the old man of time, but no matter what you say to him you always die.

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