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Somebody's left a perfectly good rose sitting on the table. Might be a perfect gift for a lady (if you can find one), so pedal over and take it. TALK TO THE DRUNK, but watch where you step: too near his groin and he gets crotchety. Perhaps doing a good deed might get you one in return, so GIVE THE WHISKEY TO THE DRUNK. In boozy, sodden gratitude, he'll give you a remote control. That's all you'll get out of him, so head for the bathroom to the right.

Now, this is quite obviously not the men's room, for a couple reasons, but you wouldn't know it from reading the walls. EXAMINE them enough times and you'll get a cryptic 'password.' Remember it. And as long as

you're there, USE THE TOILET. No doubt some of Larry's best thinking gets done that way. When you're done, don't flush the toilet unless you've saved the game first.

EXAMINE THE SINK, too. More evidence that this is the ladies' room (or perhaps it's co-ed). TAKE THE RING, and wash your hands if you like, for all the good it will do you. You'll probably need to WIPE HANDS on something since there's nothing here that's 'sanitized for your protection.' Leave the bathroom and head for that lovely red naugahyde door in the bar. KNOCK ON THE DOOR and somebody peers out at you. Give him the password and go on in.

Friendly looking fellow. He's guarding the goods upstairs, but he can be distracted. Since you can't turn on the television by hand, you'll need to USE REMOTE CONTROL to turn it on, and if you hunt long enough for a program that appeals to the pimp's intellectual instincts, you'll surely find one. Once a program's caught his eye, you can wend your way upstairs.

Just LOOK at her. She IS a mess, isn't she? Think carefully about this! Remember, it's the Eighties, and going unprotected in this situation can (and is!) deadly. We don't want your first time to be your last, so let's go get some protection. Before leaving, you might want to grab that box that's sitting on the table by the window. It's as easy as

taking candy from a bimbo. OPEN THE WINDOW and climb out. You can leave the old-fashioned way, too, but this way's shorter and will net you an important tool.

Once you're on the fire escape, notice that little object in the other window. You won't be able to get it till much later, though, so don't worry about it. Walk to the left end of the fire escape, and you'll find the shortcut to the ground floor. And while you're sitting in that bin, reflect on all the wonderful, useful things non-playing characters tend to throw out in adventure games...rotten cloves of garlic, bones, notebooks, and so on. So EXAMINE GARBAGE and take what you find. EXIT the bin and walk to the cab stand in front of the bar.

There are three marked cab stands in LEISURE SUIT LARRY, but you can call a cab from any screen. The cabby is impatient, so try to position yourself in the center of the screen, right by the curb, when you CALL CAB. ENTER CAB and you're on your way. TALK TO THE CABBY and he'll give you the rundown on Lost Wages hot spots. At the moment, you want to hit the Convenience Store, so tell the cabby. When you arrive, PAY CABBY. For a startling bit of realism, remember to TIP CABBY as well.

Go straight into the store -- don't stop to talk with questionable characters. Besides, you don't have what he wants...yet. In the store, the first thing that'll probably catch your eye is the magazine rack. TAKE a magazine, and be sure to READ it. It's a well-disguised clue.

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