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Then wander over to the back aisle of the store, on the left, and LOOK AT THE SHELF. That wine is a worthwhile investment (vintage pending). At last, you may nonchalantly wander over to the counter and discreetly ASK CLERK ABOUT CONDOM. It's like trying to order a burger in some fast food joints you've visited.

This clerk is used to shady characters like yourself, so don't try to leave without paying. Once you're back outside, the sailor will accost you again. When he asks you for spare change, type GIVE CHANGE TO BUM and the program will tell you that you don't have any. Wait a second,

and he'll hit you up for wine. G'wan, be a sport. Hand over that Mad Dog 20/20, and you'll get some advice (and a useful souvenir). Remember that advice; this guy's obviously been around.

Before you head back to Lefty's, EXAMINE THE PHONE on the sidewalk. Jot down that number. Maybe it'll lead to a meaningful relationship. Call now, before midnight tonight. DIAL PHONE and give it your best shot. Good thing you're used to rejection.

Just for the heck of it, walk off to the right, to the next screen. The disco looks like a potential 'meet market,' but you'll find you're not up to their standards. At the moment, anyway. So call a cab -- there's nowhere else around here to go.

But after all, the night is still young. Let's drop by that Casino the driver mentioned before going back to Lefty's. When you get out of the cab, there may be a gentleman decked out in a pickle barrel. He may not show up till later, but at any rate, you're well-heeled enough to purchase one of his apples. So do it. Then go on into the Casino.

SIT at the Blackjack table or PLAY SLOTS, whichever's your speed. Either way, you're going to want to break the bank here. The odds are much more favorable at the BLACKJACK table, if you know how to play (This is a great time to learn!), but the payoffs are greater at SLOTS. You need to use the SAVE function often here. SAVE the game right before you make your first bet, and name the save after the amount of money you have.

Then keep playing, and SAVE the game each time your total funds exceed the amount you had in the last saved game. For easy reference, keep changing the name of the save to reflect your total cash. The game will end when you hit $250.

Now head 'north,' to the top of your screen, into the adjoining room. You've got no pride, Larry, you're a desperate man. So dig around in the ashtray. You'll find the all-important Disco Pass. Take it and head into the Cabaret to the right. Sorry, Uncle Lar', no foxes cruising here. Perhaps if you wait a bit. Take a seat at the bottom right-hand table. Sitting on the comic's whoopee cushion's worth a point. The comic may be performing, or perhaps it's the chorus line, but either way, nobody shows up, so don't linger. Leave the casino, call a cab, and head for the Disco.

When the bouncer gets in your way, SHOW PASS to him, and he'll let you through. Once upstairs, you spot her...the woman of your dreams! She's sitting all alone. Stop licking your chops, get over there and sit with her. LOOK at her. What's the gentlemanly thing to do? ASK HER TO DANCE. Hurry out onto the dance floor and do your stuff. John Travolta, eat your heart out (actually, this number seems to owe a bit to the Disco scene in AIRPLANE).

Go back to the table when the dance is over and SIT again. LOOK at her again and TALK. Be persistent. Keep TALKing, and eventually you'll find some common ground. Wish it were that easy in real life!

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