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Fawn is a 100% Certified Golddigger, but you found all these nifty presents at Lefty's, so it's not really costing you anything. GIVE her the rose (or the candy, or the ring...the order doesn't matter). Oooh, I just LOVE shallow women! Actually, the hooker's shallow, too, but Fawn is blonde. Give FAWN another present. She still doesn't seem too turned on, so go for broke. Give her the last present.

Well, it looks like you're going have to do some serious forking over if you want this relationship to work. And you're going to have to make a lifetime commitment. Well, you're only playing a game; and no guts, no glory. Besides, you can afford it. So give Fawn what she wants. Don't worry, she's not going to run off: She really IS going to rent the Honeymoon Suite for the two of you. Leave the Disco and take a cab to the Chapel.

Once you're outside the Chapel, you may notice a quiet, unassuming gentleman lurking by the cab stand. Just for giggles, go over to him. Hmmm. At least he doesn't want to sell you anything. TALK to him for a point.

Now go into the Chapel, and take that last long walk down the aisle. Look around all you like, but they're waiting for you to MARRY FAWN. She likes to build up the anticipation, doesn't she? Too bad you're not carrying around 'No Tease.' Leave the chapel and head left to the Casino.

Enter the Casino, go straight back to the Great Glass Elevator. PRESS FOUR. The Honeymoon Suite is the room with the heart on. Knock on the door, and Fawn will let you in. But first, a little mood music. Turn on the radio. Unfortunately, the commercial (remember the phone number) gives Fawn an idea, and you'll have to make a little trip before you consummate the relationship.

Go back down to the first floor (PRESS ONE). There's a phone, but somebody's gummed up the works. At this point, check your finances; you're probably down to just a few bucks. You're going to need about $40 for the next bit, so stop at the Casino and build up your cash supply to $40 or $50, but don't bother with more than that yet.

There's one phone that works, and that's the one outside the Convenience Store. So take a cab back there. Be sure to ANSWER THE PHONE. What goes around comes around, right? [Note: Also call Sierra On-Line for another five points.]

Call Ajax Liquors and order WINE. When they ask where you want to have it delivered to, be specific: HONEYMOON SUITE AT THE CASINO HOTEL. If you just say Casino Hotel, it won't get there. And whatever you do,

don't even THINK about getting the wine yourself at the Convenience Store. Try it if you like, but save the game first, and get ready for a hairy ride back to the Casino.

Head back to the Casino, and go back up to the Honeymoon Suite. Fawn will want you to pour the wine, first...and now comes the big payoff. Get undressed, or kiss her, or whatever you care to.

Sorry, Larry, I guess it's just not your night. The woman of your dreams turned out to be a nightmare. Fortunately, you're not too stuck. You got some great advice from the bum outside the Convenience Store. So USE KNIFE and TAKE ROPE. Then go downstairs, and using the same technique as before, build your finances back up to at least $45.

Larry, maybe you're better off sticking to a sure thing. After you've got some bucks again, take a cab back to Lefty's. You're going to lose your District Three Virgin's Card if it's the last thing you do. Again, knock on the naugahyde door, give the password (the pimp remains transfixed in front of the television...just look at those glazed eyes), and head upstairs. Go around to the front of the bed and UNDRESS. Now, USE THE CONDOM. SAVE GAME just in case. And now, Larry, you're not going to be the same 'Larry' anymore. Find a verb you're comfortable with and go to it. Pick a traditional action, though -- a kinky one may end the game quickly.

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