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A little anti-climactic, eh, Larry? (rim shot) One more thing, before you leave her with that glow of apathy, be sure to REMOVE CONDOM. Otherwise the cops'll getcha for indecent exposure. Why don't they go bother the guy outside the Chapel instead?

Exit via the window, but don't go to the left yet. You're now equipped to get the pills in the other window, thanks to the hint in 'Jugs' magazine. Go to the right end of the fire escape and TIE ROPE TO RAILING. Then TIE ROPE TO ME. GET PILLS. You'll have to open that window somehow. Check your inventory. One of the few unused articles is ideal for breaking and entering. BREAK WINDOW WITH HAMMER. Now GET PILLS. Examine them. That thing after the 'F' isn't a one, by the way.

To get down, you'll have to GO TO FIRE ESCAPE and UNTIE ROPE. Now you can take the express to the dumpster and EXIT it again. Go out front.

Where haven't we looked for female companionship? Well, the casino hotel's got eight floors. Maybe we can scare up a date there. Take a cab to the casino, get in the elevator, and start knocking on doors.

Eventually, you'll find yourself up on the eighth floor, the penthouse. There's a beautiful brunette sitting by herself at the desk. (Aren't there any REDHEADS in this game?) Be sure to check her out carefully, so you know what you're getting into, and turn on the charm. TALK to her (and again, you'll have to be persistent if you want to learn about her). At some point, she'll stop being communicative and the program will urge you to find a medical stimulant.

By now, you should have figured out that the pills are Spanish Fly. Give them to Faith. Maybe this is what you've been waiting for, Larry. But as it turns out, Faith has incredible will power, so it's not to be. But now that she's gone, check out her desk. Once you've noticed the button, you'll want to do the obvious.

That means PUSH BUTTON, Larry. Geez, some people....

Go into that elevator. You emerge in the penthouse, tastefully decorated with Mark Crowe's finest efforts. Before you go hunting for the gurgling sound, go back and to the right around the partition. You'll find yourself in the bedroom. Open the closet door and go inside. The screen won't change, but LOOK while you're in there, and TAKE anything that looks interesting -- that inflatable love doll, for example.

'I'm gonna buy a rubber doll that I can call my own....' EXAMINE it. It's doubtful that you'll find a meaningful relationship with Olga (I'm just guessing that's her name), but you'll never know unless you try. BLOW UP DOLL. And there she is, in all her vinyl splendor. Time once again to explore nature's glorious mysteries, so USE DOLL (or whatever).

The machine will balk at the idea, but answer YES to the question.

Well, Larry, perhaps you should have been gentler. Follow Olga out to the terrace. And meet the REAL woman of your dreams! Look carefully, and you can find her name (it's on the towel, and it's a clue). TALK to her, and she'll invite you in for a dip. Take her up on it. UNDRESS, and you'll dive right in.

LOOK at her. She won't want to talk -- mere words cannot express what she's got in mind for the two of you. Notice the 'come hither' look, none of this coy 'wink wink nudge nudge' business. She's trying to seduce you, but you need to give her a particular item. Think of her name and look at your inventory.

C'mon, you know what she really wants, don't you? GIVE APPLE TO EVE. Then lie back and enjoy, Larry. You've earned it.


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