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discount voucher. Go to the left side of the screen and LOOK at the dustbin there. You'll find a fishing rod. Go back to the right of the screen and go into MucSwampy's. TALK to the Tattooist and TALK to the Anorak Man. TALK to the waiter and order a kiddie meal. OPEN the kiddie meal to find a Swampling model, swamp gum and a maggot. Leave MucSwampy's and go to the Street of Traders. TAKE the poster you see there, then go back down into the pet shop. USE the rubber gloves on the turtle to pick him up. USE the electric turtle on the cage to the right of the machine. Make sure the red lever on the machine is to left hand side of the machine, then USE the machine. The electric turtle will be split into electric eels and a normal turtle. TAKE the turtle from the left hand cage. TAKE the glow worms off the shelf. USE the

glow worms on the empty cage next to the eels. Move the lever on the machine to the right hand side, then USE the machine again to make some supercharged glow worms. The owner will thank you and you will leave the store. Go to the joke shop. The Joke Seller will trick you again, but this time stay and TALK to him. Ask him if he can make you a Swampling costume. He will tell you that he needs some green material. Leave the joke shop and go right and TALK to Nefahpayup. Agree to his proposition to help him out, and he will show you to a cave where a magic lamp is. Walk to the right and TAKE the lamps. Eventually, you'll find the right one. Walk back to the left and TALK to the cave entrance to have a ladder let down for you. Walk up the ladder to exit the cave. Nefahpayup will give you some white cloth as a

reward. Walk to the left and USE the balloon on railing near the ironmonger. Leave the Street of Traders and go the Fountain. USE the dye on the fountain. USE the white cloth on the basket. Leave the Fountain area and go to MucSwampling's. TALK to the mascot again and ask for another balloon. Leave MucSwampling's and go back to the Fountain area and your cloth will be clean and green. TAKE the green cloth and leave the Fountain area. Go to the Street of Traders. USE the second balloon on the railing. Go the joke shop and GIVE the green cloth to the Joke Seller. He will make you a Swampling costume. Leave the shop, and leave the Street of Traders. Go back to MucSwampling's. TALK to the mascot and ask for yet another balloon (DON'T

TIE THIS TO THE RAILING YET!). Go into MucSwampy's, WEAR the Swampling costume to disguise yourself as an employee and you will walk up the staircase next to the waiter. After you appear in the kitchen, keep going up the stairs to your left to the Swampling's office. Chat with the Swampling and ask him to make some Swamp Stew. He'll tell you he needs some swamp mud for the recipe and he'll give you a bucket to collect some in. Leave the office, exit the kitchen and leave MucSwampling's. Go to the Docks. Find Um Bongo and GIVE him the poster you took from the Street of Traders. He'll head off to start training the Morris dancers. Go to the Town Square. TALK to Um Bongo again. He'll tell you his drum was broken in transit and he needs a new skin for it. You'll give him the bladder you got from the Jester and

his troupe will whip up a massive rainstorm (that conveniently flushes that spider out of the sewer!). Go to the Loan Office. Climb down into the sewers (the spider will be gone) and head to the left. You'll stop right before the light disappears. USE the glow worms and you'll hook up a light source. Walk to the left and go up the ladder to the swamp. Walk to the right and up onto the broken bridge. USE the bungee rope on the railing, then USE the bucket on the mud below to collect a bucket o' mud. Leave the bungee cord on the railing and go back to the left of the sewer grating. USE your fishing rod on the lake and you'll eventually catch a fish. Walk to the right and go back down into the sewers. Walk to the right and go back up the ladder to the Loan Office area. Leave the Loan Office area and go to MucSwampling's. Enter

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Simon the Sorcerer 2

Simon the Sorcerer 2
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 07/1995

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