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MucSwamplings, WEAR the Swampling costume and walk up the staircase by the waiter. Keep going up the stairs to the Swampling and GIVE him the bucket of mud. He will make some powerful Swamp Stew and will give you a souvenir jar of it. Leave the Swampling's office, leave the kitchen and leave MucSwamplings. Go to the Street of Traders. Go to the Joke Shop and GIVE the Swamp Stew to the Joke Seller. He'll make you a free stink bomb. Leave the Joke Shop, leave the Street of Traders and go to the Magic Competition. TALK to the clerk and enter the competition then walk into the tent. USE the stink bomb to clear away almost all of the competition. After you recover, re-enter the tent. One wizard will be left (he had a cold). After chatting with him, TAKE the spell book and USE your swamp shake on the one remaining

wizard (to make him completely deaf). You'll be summoned as the only competitor and you'll (evenetually) be given the job as Royal Wizard and an ID card to prove it. Leave the Magic Competition and go to the Castle. When the guards ask for their money, give it to them. Walk up the door and after presenting your official ID, you'll be admitted to the castle. After chatting with the annoying little price, open the door to the castle and go in. Walk to the left, past the two doors and you'll enter the King's throne room. The king will inform you that your job is to make the crying baby in the castle go to sleep. Go to the left of the throne room and USE the fish you caught to the Royal Seal (ugh...) to tempt him into your hat. Leave the throne room, and OPEN the door on the right and go in. A baby will

be crying; this is the one you're trying to get to go to sleep. USE your wedge on the cradle to stop it rocking, then TAKE the cog from the gear system. The baby will still cry, but go back out into the courtyard and leave the castle. Go to MucSwampling's. Enter MucSwampling's, WEAR the Swampling costume again, and go up the first staircase. USE the cog you just got on the clock mechanism to get the clock moving again. Go back out of MucSwampling's and go to the Tattooist. Enter the Tattooist's shop (he's back from lunch now) and inquire about getting a tattoo. After finding out that they cost far too much, you'll leave the shop after picking up a brochure. Return to MucSwampling's and GIVE the tattoo brochure to the Anorak Man. Leave MucSwampling's and return to the Tattooist. Walk in the shop and he'll inform

you that you have won a free tattoo. Get the tattoo of the jewel-encrusted swords. Leave the shop and go to the Swamp. Go the far left of the Swamp area and a Lady of the Lake will appear. While talking to her, ask her if you can become a Lady of the Lake. She'll agree after seeing the Royal Seal, and she'll drop her air tanks and wet suit before leaving. TAKE the air tanks and the wet suit. USE the air tanks on the rubber dinghy to inflate it. USE the now-inflated rubber dinghy to paddle over to the Isle of the Sword. After reaching the island, TAKE the sword out of the rock (the tattoo made you 'man' enough to do it). USE the rubber dinghy again to paddle back to the swamp, then go back down through the sewers to the Loan Office area. Leave the Loan Office area and return to the Castle. Enter the castle

courtyard and GIVE the prince the sword. He'll give you his pea-shooter and a pea in exchange. Enter the main castle and OPEN the door on the left. USE the pea on the matresses to wake up the princess. Ask her for suggestions on how to stop the baby crying; she'll throw you a lolly. TAKE the lolly. The baby won't accept the lolly (try it if you like: it'll throw it down into the courtyard), so leave the princess' room, leave the courtyard and exit the castle. Go the MucSwampling's. Enter MucSwamplings, WEAR the Swampling costume again, and go up both staircases to Swampling's office. GIVE the lolly to the Baby Swamplings and they will drop their milk, which you will pick up. Leave MucSwampling's and return to the castle. Enter the baby's room and GIVE the milk to the baby to make it go to sleep. Leave the baby's room

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Simon the Sorcerer 2

Simon the Sorcerer 2
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 07/1995

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