and go left into the throne room. Enter the door to the treasury by the King. After climbing the staircase, USE the swamp shake on the pentagram. Walk towards the treasury door and two demons will appear and be trapped by the swamp shake. Unfortunately, they also block the entrance into the treasury; time to find an alternate entrance. Leave the castle and go to Street of Traders. USE your third balloon on the railing and you'll lift off and end up in the royal treasure room. Walk towards the sarcophogus, and you'll fall through a trap door into the treasure vault. TAKE the Mucusade. Go back up the tube you just fell through, and walk back out the window to the awaiting balloons. After falling unexpectedly to the ground, go to Calypso's...or what WAS Calypso''ll be beaten up and dragged off to a pirate ship.


After the captain's lecture, USE your spell book to break your chains. TAKE the eye patch off the skull next to 'Mr T.'. Try to climb up the stairs and the captain will stop you and eventually 'enlist' you as his cabin boy. You'll be brought up to his cabin and he will eventually leave. TAKE a stuffed parrot. LOOK at his diary and you'll find a picture postcard of Kalimari. Leave the captain's room. GIVE the eye-patch to the pirate with the purple shirt pulling in rope. He'll give you a pair of sunglasses in return. Climb up the ladder to the right onto the poop-deck. USE the stuffed parrot on the real parrot to swap them. After the pirate questions the swap, USE the swamp gum on the stuffed parrot to hold him in place. Leave the poop-deck and you'll decide to sleep until you reach home. A cut-scene will appear

depicting the fate of Calypso and his granddaughter Alix. After waking up, you will realize that you're still at sea. Climb back onto the poop-deck and TALK to the Bosun. He'll inform that the lookout corrected your attempt at re-directing the ship. Leave the poop-deck and go to the left of the pirate ship. USE the rigging to climb to the crow's nest. USE the picture postcard on the telescope. Climb down the rigging and go back to the poop-deck. MOVE the parrot so that it's facing back towards the Bosun. Leave the poopdeck. Go to the far left of the pirate ship. OPEN the door. TALK to the tough looking guy (Mr. T.) and ask him for a welding torch. Leave the cell, and walk behind the pirate who is repairing the plank. MOVE him off the ship. TAKE the hammer, nails and plank. Go to the right hand side of the pirate

ship, OPEN the door to the right (closest to the screen) and go in. TAKE the knife. USE the knife on the hammock. TAKE the tinder-box. Leave the room and try to USE the welding torch on the chain. The captain will appear and tell you not to do it. After the captain leaves, try to use the torch on the chain again. The captain will re-appear and ask you where the first mate is, then disappear into the sleeping quarters. USE the plank on the door to the sleeping quarters to lock the captain in. Now, USE the welding torch on the chain to cut it. OPEN the door and climb down. TAKE the Mucusade. Go back up the ladder and you'll head down for another nap. After waking up you'll realize you're under attack. You'll end up on a remote island with no inventory.


TAKE the shovel head. Go the the right and after chatting with the Beachcomber TAKE his towel. Go into the jungle. GIVE the kid the balloon and he'll repay you with a shell. TAKE the wooden pole. USE the wooden pole on the shovel head to make a shovel. Go back to the beach. USE the shovel. Simon will make a monster sandcastle and leave a large hole in the process. USE the towel on the hole. USE the shell on the towel. TALK to the Beachcomber and he'll walk right into the trap. After he falls down the hole, TAKE the Mucusade. Go back into the Jungle. Take the upper path to the left towards the dog. TAKE the dog. Enter the cafe and TALK to the waitress. Order a cup of decaf coffee. You'll fall asleep and a cut-scene will ensue. After waking up, order another cup of decaf (this time, its to-go). Leave the cafe and walk to the right

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Simon the Sorcerer 2

Simon the Sorcerer 2
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