into the cave. Try to TAKE the whiskey bottle and a genie will appear. Ask him for three wishes, then ask him to be teleported to Calypso's shop. He'll screw up and teleport you to an alien ship, then back again; he'll explain that his problem is that he needs to counter the effects of the whiskey on his system. What he needs is strong, caffeinated coffee. Leave the cave, and take the lower, left hand path. TALK to the dealer; you'll have to talk jive to him, then ask him for salmon. He'll offer you caffeine tablets...for a cost of 3 Gungas a piece. TAKE the dog whistle. Take the upper left hand path to the man who is being tortured. Go left to the generator. USE the dog on the generator. Go back to the right to the torture machine. MOVE the lever to the on position. Go back to the right to the dealer, then take the lower left hand path to the limbo competition. Talk to the Judge, and enter the

competition. USE the dog whistle to divert the judges (they'll hear the screams of the tortured man) and you'll win the 3 Gungas. Go back to the right to the dealer. TALK to him to get the caffeine tablets. USE the tablets on the decaf coffee. Go back to the right to the cave where the genie is. USE the coffee on the whiskey bottle. Try to TAKE the whiskey bottle to summon the genie again. Ask him again to teleport you to Calypso's shop and this time he'll teleport you correctly. Walk into Calypso's shop. After a LONG cut-scene, you'll end up in the Valley of Doom, in a prison cell in Sordid's Tower.


Try to OPEN the door. Alix will give you a hairclip to pick the lock with. After opening the door, you'll be teleported (via a time stick) to the outside of a goblin camp. Go to the right, then go to the Dark Woods. You'll meet the little kid there, and he'll tell you he's hungry. Go to the right and TALK to the woodworms. After a long discussion with them, go to the far right of the woods and enter the witch's cave. You'll step on a cat at the entranceway and the witches will talk to you. They're having problems making a potion because of their impediments: one can't talk, one can't hear and one can't see. Help them out, and you get some of the potion. Leave the cave and leave the Dark Woods. Go to the Secluded Hut. The witches cat is in here now; you'll need it for later. After you introduce yourself, OPEN the

door (which in fact, closes it). This will trap the cat inside the hut. Walk towards the soda bottles, and the cat will panic, run and knock itself out. TAKE 3 soda bottles (you'll get a straw automatically), the hanky and the cat. OPEN the door, and leave the hut. Go to the Volcano Rim. TAKE the Chemical Sprayer and the Plant Spotter's Guide Book. USE the straw on one of the sodas to make an empty bottle. USE the cat on the carnivorous plant; it'll salivate at the sight of it. USE the empty bottle on the saliva to collect it. Leave the Volcano Rim and go to the Goblin's Camp. USE the saliva on the goblin's goblets, then try to walk past them. They'll wake up, get mad, drink the poisoned wine, and fall asleep. TAKE the conch horn. Walk into the camp. TALK to the Elf. Offer to help him get some replacement perfume; he'll give

you a perfume bottle to fill up. USE a full soda bottle on the perfume bottle to fill it. Enter the big tent to the left of the Elf. TAKE the food rations and the pepper. Go back to the Elf. USE the pepper on the elf. GIVE him your hanky. GIVE him the now full perfume bottle (he can't smell the difference anymore). He'll reward you with a block of wood. Walk to the left of the camp where two goblins are playing dice. USE the last full soda bottle on the fire to create some blinding smoke. While the two goblins are blinded, TAKE some of the goblin stuff. The goblins will begin to fight and one will leave his lucky (loaded!) dice behind. TAKE the dice. Go back to the right and leave the goblin camp. Go to the Secluded Hut. TAKE two more soda bottles. Leave the Secluded Hut. Go to the Dark Woods. GIVE the kid the food rations. GIVE the

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Simon the Sorcerer 2

Simon the Sorcerer 2
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 07/1995

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