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kid the full soda bottle. TAKE the magnifier he drops. Go the the right and GIVE the block of wood to the woodworms. They'll make you a set of wooden teeth. Go to the far right of the woods and enter the witches cave. GIVE the witch with no teeth the wooden teeth, GIVE the deaf witch the conch horn and GIVE the magnifier to the blind witch. They'll whip up a potion to turn someone into a dog. After the potion is done, USE your straw on a soda to empty it, the USE the empty soda bottle on the potion to scoop some up. Leave the witches cave and leave the Dark Woods. Go to the Secluded Hut. USE the potion on the Role Players. A Role Player will turn into a beagle (which you'll automatically take). Ask if you can join in their game. When you have started playing, ask if they mind if you use your own dice. You'll

roll two 12's and win a interior decorator's wallpaper catalogue. Leave the Secluded Hut. Go to the Goblin Camp, walk into the camp and walk all the way to the left of the camp, into the entrance to Sordid's Tower. TALK to the guard 'pigs'. Tell them you're here on important business, and they'll make you show them your wallpaper catalogue, at which point you'll be admitted to the Tower. TAKE the tapestry. Walk into the eerie passage; you'll meet the security 'horror' guard for the tower. After leaving him, go into the stairwell to the left. USE the tapestry on the pool of sweat to absorb the smell of the goblins. USE the soaked tapestry on the Chemical Sprayer to fill it with goblin scent. MOVE the lever on the generator to turn out the lights. Leave the room and go back down the eerie passage to the guard.

After you have entered the room with the horror, USE the Chemical Sprayer to mask your scent, WEAR the dog (I know...this one took FOREVER to figure out) to change the dog into fuzzy slippers, then WEAR the fuzzy slippers. The guard can't see, smell or hear you now so just walk across the room and out of the door. Walk across the lava channel to the other side, and you'll take an exciting ride up to Sordid's chambers. Walk to the right of the chambers and TAKE the screwdriver. USE the screwdriver on Sordid's Hand to remove it, then USE the Hand on the Palm Print Identifier. TAKE the time stick. Walk to the left as if you were going to exit the chamber, and Runt will run out to try and stop you. That's it! The final LONG end-scene follows so sit back and enjoy...


Player's Notes:

In playing this game, I noticed a few obvious 'bugs' in game play and a few wickedly nasty puzzles. For instance, if while on the Pirate Ship you decide to put the postcard on the telescope BEFORE talking to the helmsman about the parrot, you never seem to land anywhere...or at least there are no clues as what to do. Also, the 'floating balloons to reach the treasury' was totally non-obvious (I think I tried EVERY combo of object in the game on those stuck demons to get past them....argh). The queen mother of annoying and non-hinted puzzles is the 'change the dog into fuzzy slippers'. Sick. And damn annoying since I spent about an hour trying to pry the shoes off of the treadmill goblin's feet. <sigh Otherwise, an awesome game (albeit the humor is slightly hard to follow from a North American point of view), cool cutscenes and animations (the morphing Simon at the goblin camp was GREAT!) and a fairly decent storyline. Look for Simon the Sorceror III hopefully...

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Simon the Sorcerer 2

Simon the Sorcerer 2
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 07/1995

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