II.THE DUNGEONS: Komplettlösung Ultima 1

7) When you enter a castle, be sure to transact with the King. If you have sufficient gold, he will sell you hit points. If you offer service, he will send you on a quest for which you will be handsomely rewarded.

8) Save the game frequently. You never know when 7 Hidden Archers or 4 Ness Creatures might attack and kill you.

9) Beware of Wenches, Jesters, and Bards. They like to steal your possessions.


Dungeon experience is vital in order to increase your hit points. It can also be fatal. If your character is a novice, it's best to explore only the 1st or 2nd level of a dungeon. Then you can retrace your steps, climb out of the dungeon alive, and repeat the process. As you become stronger, you can descend deeper into a dungeon. There you will do battle with increasingly powerful creatures, but you may also gain hundreds of hit points and gold pieces. You will encounter the following enemies in any dungeon:

Levels 1 and 2: Thieves, Rangers, Skeletons, Bats, Giant Rats

Levels 3 and 4: Giant Spiders, Cyclopes, Orcs, Gelatinous Cubes, Vipers

Levels 5 and 6: Ettins, Minotaurs, Mimics, Carrion Creepers, Lizard Men

Levels 7 and 8: Wraiths, Wandering Eyes, Liches, Tanglers, Gremlins

Levels 9 and 10: Daemons, Balrons, Mind Whippers, Zorns, Invisible Seekers

Even if you have accumulated many thousands of hit points, some of the more powerful creatures can easily destroy you. You will have to discover, through trial and error, which weapons or spells you should use against them. (Note: Only a wizard can use the Blink, Create, Destroy, and Kill spells.) The following strategy hints should help you in surviving dungeon travel:

1) Use the Inform and Search command frequently. This will disclose traps which you can then avoid (rope and spikes will save you from falling through a hidden trap, but you lose them).

2) Use the Destroy spell to dissolve force fields.

3) Use the Blink spell to escape to another place on that level (useful when monsters are attacking from all sides or when you're surrounded by force fields and have no Destroy spells).

4) Map each level so you don't get lost. Or, purchase plenty of Ladder Up and Ladder Down spells to allow you to move easily between levels.

5) Remember: You cannot save the game from within a dungeon. Also, you cannot put on any new armour if it has been destroyed (by a Gelatinous Cube, for example).

6) You may wish to use an Unlock spell to open chests, and an Open spell to open coffins. You will find additional gold in these containers.

7) If you are on a quest (to kill a Balron, Liche, Cube, or Creeper), do not dally on other levels. Go straight down to the level where the creature you are seeking lives (using Ladder Down spells), kill it, then get out of the dungeon quickly (using Ladder Up spells). It is very easy to be overwhelmed by enemies on the lower levels, and you could be killed. Gremlins may steal all your food; Invisible Seekers may annihilate you before you can locate them; Mind Whippers may destroy your intelligence with their mental attacks.

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