III. SPACE TRAVEL: Komplettlösung Ultima 1


You have been exploring the four continents of Ultima, crossing plains and oceans, and increasing your attributes and possessions. Suddenly, you find advanced weapons, armour, and vehicles in the cities. Purchase a space shuttle as soon as you have enough gold. The shuttle will carry you out into space where you will strive to destroy 20 enemy vessels. If you do this, you will be designated a 'Space Ace'. You will want to be a Space Ace before rescuing the princess. If you destroy the enemy spacecraft, and return alive to Ultima, you will have gained thousands of experience points and will be ready to save the Princess.

Space movement can be tricky, and the following strategy hints should help:

1) The first view you will see is your shuttle, motionless in space. Nearby is a Base, a Star, and Ultima. You can use your shuttle for continued travel, or you can dock at the base and purchase a different vehicle (500 gold pieces each time you exchange ships). The smaller vehicle has limited fuel, but a lot of shield power. The larger vehicle has plenty of fuel, but negligible shielding. Take the smaller ship since you won't want to go very far from base.

2) Docking with the base in order to exchange ships takes a little practice. If you do not dock exactly at the entry point in the base, you will destroy your

shields and be disintegrated. Try this method: One forward thrust until you are near the base; one retro to stop your vehicle; one left turn or right turn to position your ship in the direction you want to go; one forward thrust to get it moving again; one retro to stop it; etc. In this way, you can slowly and carefully position your shuttle so that you can make a precision docking. Exchange ships.

3) Once you have a new ship, you must do a sector scan. This is accomplished by the Inform and Search command. Note: You will always be in the centre of the sector scan. When you start out in space, you will be where the 'B' is in the middle of the sector scan. The blank lines indicate empty space, the stars indicate stars, and the carets indicate enemy spaceships.

4) Since you don't want to get too far from your starting point, and you don't want to get lost and run out of fuel, always check the sector scan to make sure you know where you are. If the scan shows enemy ships to the left, turn your ship to the left. If the scan shows enemy ships below you, turn your ship downward. Apply thrust, then go into View change. Now you're in open space. Hit the Hyperspace key. At this point, you will be in a sector containing enemy ships.

5) Once you've destroyed the enemy ships (usually three), go into View change mode again. Stop your ship with one retro. If you went left originally, you'll want to return right. If you went down originally, you must turn your ship

upward, and so on. Turn your ship to the appropriate direction, and apply thrust. Change the view again, hit hyperspace again, change the view again. You should be near your origination point, by a base. You can exchange ships again, or return to Ultima. This process can be repeated many times until you become a Space Ace.

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