IV. SAVING THE PRINCESS: Komplettlösung Ultima 1


In each castle, there is a Princess imprisoned. You will see her pacing in her cell in the lower right of the castle. The key to her cell may or may not be in the possession of the Jester (hopping around near the King). You must kill the Jester in order to get the key. Keep trying until you get the correct key that will unlock the Princess' cell. The following strategy tips should assist you in freeing the Princess:

1) You'll notice that the Jester sometimes comes near you as you enter the King's throneroom. Try to get him to stay near the entrance. Then you can kill him, and run (quickly!) down and over to the Princess' cell. Hit 'U' to unlock

the door. The Princess will follow you out of the cell if the correct key has been used. If you have not obtained the correct key, and the one you have does not unlock the door, follow the instructions below anyway in order to try to escape with your life.

2) The moment you kill the Jester, the guards will be upon you. They are virtually impossible to kill, so your best course is to outrun them. First of all, try to position the Princess between yourself and the guards. This will take a little practice, but eventually you should learn how to line the guards up behind you as you run for the castle exit.

3) Move quickly, being careful not to run into walls, trees, or ponds. One false move, and you'll be trapped between guards. In the far left room, try exiting to the north of the pond, and out left. It's tricky, but possible. As you leave the castle, the Princess will reward you handsomely and will tell you where to find the Time Machine.


Once you rescue the Princess and locate the Time Machine, you are ready to do battle with the evil wizard Mondain. Board the craft and launch. Although you are now an expert fighter (you've done away with Balrons and Liches, right?), Mondain will nevertheless engage you in the battle of your life. The following tactics should help you destroy the Evil Gem, kill Mondain, save the universe and, not incidentally, win the game:

1) You must first destroy the Evil Gem. Immediately approach the gem and hit 'G' to get it. This action will destroy the gem. It will also drain away most of your hit points.

2) If you do not destroy the gem immediately, you will not be able to permanently kill Mondain. The Evil Gem that he created makes him immortal, so you must destroy the gem before turning to Mondain.

3) Now, begin to attack Mondain. Kill spells will not work against him; they only make him stronger. Just keep firing away until he weakens. Persist in your attack even though he unleashes an onslaught against you.

4) If your character is a wizard, you can use the Create spell to place a force field in front of you, however, it's best to continuing attacking Mondain. Hopefully, he will be weakening. You can tell that this is happening because he changes into a bird and ceases attacking you. Continue firing until you receive the message that Mondain is dead and that you're victorious.

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