I.CONTINENT ONE: Komplettlösung Ultima 1

The game of 'Ultima I' involves travel on land and sea and through space and time. This file is to help you map a dangerous world. The planet consists of four continents separated by oceans. These continents contain many cities, castles, dungeons, and landmarks which the traveler must explore. Once the adventurer has purchased a seagoing craft or an air car, he or she may traverse the oceans with ease. When sufficient gold and experience points are accumulated, a space shuttle may be obtained for extraterrestrial journeys.


(1) Overview

Continent One contains two castles (Lost King and Lord British); eight cities (Yew, Fawn, Britain, Montor, Grey, Paws, Moon, and Tune); nine dungeons (Perinia, Lost Caverns, Mondain's Gate to Hell, Unholy Hole, Mines of Mt. Drash (1 and 2), Death's Awakening, Montor, and Doubt); and two landmarks (Pillars of Protection and Tower of Knowledge).

(2) Quests

Quest for King of the Castle of the Lost King: The King will ask you to destroy a Gelatinous Cube. To do so, you must climb down to level 3 or 4 of any dungeon and kill a Gelatinous Cube. Having done so, return to the King who will give you a red gem. He will also tell you that you will need four gems to launch the Time Machine.

Quest for the King of the Castle of Lord British: His Majesty will send you to find the Tower of Knowledge. The landmark is located on an island to the northeast of the continent. You will receive additional strength from the King when you complete your quest and return to him.

(3) Landmarks

Pillars of Protection: This landmark is located on an island to the northwest of the continent. Enter the landmark, and your agility will be increased.

Tower of Knowledge: The Tower of Knowledge is on an island to the northeast of the continent. Your intelligence will be increased when you enter this landmark.

(4) Bartenders' Clues

Pubs: In the cities, there are pubs. Be sure to transact with Varg the tavern keep, since he may give you clues such as: 'Destroy the Evil Gem,' or 'Best watch out for the wench.'


(1) Overview

This continent is located across the ocean to the east of Continent One. Continent Two contains two castles (Rondorlin and Barataria); eight cities (Snake, Owen, Gerry, Arnold, Linda, Helen, John, and Wolf); eight dungeons (Scorpion Hole, The Labyrinth, Where Hercules Died, Advari's Hole, The Savage Place, Horror of the Harpies, Gorgon's Hole, and Dead Warrior's Fight); and two landmarks (Pillars of the Argonauts and Pillar of Ozymandias).

(2) Quests

Quest for the King of Rondorlin: The King orders you to kill a Carrion Creeper. This dread creature may be found on the 5th or 6th level of any dungeon. When you accomplish your task and return to the King, he will give you a green gem and tell you that you must use the Time Machine.

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Ultima 1

Ultima 1

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