III. CONTINENT THREE: Komplettlösung Ultima 1

Quest for the King of Barataria: This quest involves locating the Pillar of Ozymandias (on an island to the southwest of the continent). The King will grant you increased strength upon completion of the quest.

(3) Landmarks

Pillars of the Argonauts: The pillars are located on an island to the west of the continent. You are rewarded with various weapons whenever you visit this landmark.

Pillar of Ozymandias: Increased wisdom is your reward for entering the pillar (southwest of the continent).

4) Bartenders' Clues

Pubs: If you buy a drink from a tavern keep, he may give you a hint such as, 'Best you should know about space travel, and that you must destroy at least 20 enemy vessels to become an Ace!' or 'The Princess will reward you if you save her, and will give an additional gift to a player of 8th level or higher.'


(1) Overview

Continent Three is located across the ocean to the east of Continent Two. This land mass contains two castles (Black Dragon and Olympus); eight cities (Poor, Ponder, Clear Lagoon, Gauntlet, Nassau, Wealth, Imagination, and Stout); nine dungeons (The End, The Metal Twister, The Long Death, Viper's Pit (1 and 2), Guild of Death, Troll's Hole, Tramp of Doom, and Slow Death); and two landmarks (Sign Post and Southern Sign Post).

(2) Quests

Quest for the King of Black Dragon's Castle: The King orders you to kill a Liche (which may be found on the 7th or 8th level of any dungeon). If you complete this quest, His Majesty will give you a blue gem and tell you that the Princess helps the Space Ace.

Quest for the King of the Castle of Olympus: On this quest, you must find the Sign Post. It is located on an island to the northwest of the continent. The King will reward you with additional strength for completing this task.

(3) Landmarks

Sign Post: This landmark is located on an island to the northwest of the continent. Upon entering the Sign Post, you will receive additional stamina. Southern Sign Post: Additional charisma is your reward for finding this landmark. It is located on an island to the southwest of the continent.

(4) Bartenders' Clues

Pubs: The tavern keep may let you in on the following information: 'One thousand years ago, Mondain the Wizard created an Evil Gem which makes him immortal. You must traverse the lands until you find a Time Machine. Go back in time to destroy the Evil Gem and save the universe.' Or, the bartender may tell you that 'Most, if not all, of the lakes and ponds have magical powers.'


(1) Overview

Traveling east across the ocean from Continent Three, you will arrive at Continent Four. This land mass contains two castles (Shamino's Castle and White Dragon's Castle); eight cities (Lost Friends, Dextron, Turtle, Wheeler, Bulldozer, Gorlab, Brother, and Magic); nine dungeons (Skull Smasher, Doom, Dead Cat's Life (1 and 2), Dead Man's Walk, Hole to Hades, Spine Breaker, The Morbid Adventure, and Free Death Hole); and two landmarks (Grave of the Lost Soul and the Eastern Sign Post). If you wish to revisit Continent One, simply continue east across the ocean from Continent Four.

(2) Quests

Quest for the King of Shamino Castle: You must descend to the 9th or 10th level

of any dungeon and kill a Balron. After you do this, return to the King. He will give you a white gem and allow you to take nine items from the holds of his castle.

Quest for the King of White Dragon's Castle: You must find the Grave of the Lost Soul (which is on an island to the northwest of the continent). His Majesty will reward you with added strength when you return to him.

(3) Landmarks

Grave of the Lost Soul: Upon reaching this landmark, enter it. You will receive additional stamina.

Eastern Sign Post: This landmark merely has a sign saying, 'Go east to go east.'

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