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Ultima II (The Revenge of the Enchantress) is Lord British's exciting sequel to Ultima I. In Ultima II, you are challenged to discover the secret of Minax, the evil apprentice of Mondain whom you defeated in Ultima I. Once again, you must create a player character who will roam land, sea, air, and even outer space, battling strange creatures and increasing your character's attributes and possessions. However, in Ultima II, you must also unlock the mysteries of the Time Doors. The strategy tips presented in this file should assist you in your difficult quest.


By allocating 90 points among 6 attributes and choosing race, profession, and sex, you may create a player character who is initially powerful or weak. For example, relatively high strength is the key to being able to wear certain armour; high agility will allow your character to wield certain weapons and steal more easily. I had good luck with my Elf Thief ('Bugsy') who was able to steal plenty of food, weapons, and armour. However, the Dwarf Wizard ('Hirsutus') I created endured a long, slow battle to merely stay alive. Experiment with different combinations to find out which is more successful and enjoyable for you.

A note about spellcasters: Clerics and Wizards may purchase spells in Villages. However, spells are both very expensive and relatively useless. Spells can only be cast within Dungeons and Towers and, unfortunately, you can easily win the game without ever entering either of those places.


You start out with 400 hit points, 400 foods, and 400 gold. This may seem like plenty, but it isn't. Your food disappears quickly as you explore, your hit points diminish rapidly when you are attacked by creatures, and your gold pieces must be exchanged for supplies and equipment. However, you can always attempt to steal, and you can purchase additional hit points by transacting with a King.

Your first task is to obtain a weapon and armour. From where you are when you boot the game diskette, walk west and south into Towne Linda (it looks like a cloverleaf). You will find both an armoury and a weapons vendor there. After leaving Towne Linda, travel south until you reach Le Jester Village (it looks like 5 small circles). Villages are the only places where

you can obtain additional food. Now you're ready to do some serious adventuring. But, before you begin your campaign in earnest, be sure to save the game. It's very easy to get killed, and you will want to be able to return to the status quo ante.

A word of advice: This game has an annoying 'feature' involving the save game function. First of all, unlike Ultima I, Ultima II has no provision for two disk drives, so be prepared for frequent disk swaps. Secondly, if your character enters a Town, Village, Castle, Dungeon, or Tower (i.e., there has been interaction with the player diskette), and you are then gravely injured or, perhaps, have spent money on an item you are not allowed to use, and you then leave that location (i.e., another disk

interaction), you will not be able to turn off your machine and reboot to find your earlier (healthier!) save game position. The solution to this problem is this: When you realize that your character has lost a lot of hit points while within one of those locations, turn off your machine then and there. Since no writing to the diskette is involved, you can then reboot and recover your earlier position. [My first player character lost 2,000 hit points in one Town before I learned this little trick.]

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Ultima 2

Ultima 2

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