III.THE INHABITANTS: Komplettlösung Ultima 2


In order to gain experience points, valuable items, and gold, you must slay many creatures. The universe of Ultima II is populated by Orcs, Devils, Daemons, Thieves, Fighters, Clerics, Wizards, Balrons, Sea Serpents, Guards, Merchants, Jesters, Seers, Oracles, Kings, Queens, and, finally, Minax. Some you must simply kill; others you must not kill but must transact with.

Transact with everyone you find in Towns, Villages, and Castles. Clues to solving the game will be revealed to you (occasionally, however, you have to offer gold to purchase a particularly valuable hint or item). In one Town, you will discover that offering gold results in significant increases to your character's attributes. As I mentioned earlier, you can obtain more

hit points by transacting with a King (he pockets some of your gold as payment for this service). Be aware, however, that after 99 your attributes will roll over to 0! (Rollover occurs as well when any of your possessions total more than 99 and when your hit points, experience points, food, or gold climb above 9999). Don't be too greedy!


Utilize the 'Z' (status) command frequently, especially after you have slain a creature. You will notice that there are certain items in your inventory which were not there before the battle. You will learn what each of these items is for (e.g., magical boots save you from a paralysis spell and tools allow you to escape from traps in Towers or Dungeons), and will discover which creatures are more likely to possess something you need.

There are a total of 20 objects for you to find, including: Torches, Keys, Tools, Quick Swords, Wands, Staffs, Boots, Cloaks, Helms, Gems, Ankhs, Red Gems, Skull Keys, Green Gems, Brass Buttons, Blue Tassles, Strange Coins, Green Idols, Tri- Lithiums, and Rings. Once you've obtained a particularly precious item (such as blue tassles which you'll need to board a frigate or

strange coins which allow you to stop time), be sure to save the game state. Thieves just love to steal from you, and you may want to recover your earlier position. You will encounter an individual who claims to own 'one of everything.' Offer him gold and find out!


You may buy a horse in a Town in order to conserve food as you travel by land. However, frigates and planes are needed to traverse the oceans. You will need a rocketship to enter space.

Frigates may be boarded (as they pass by you on a coastline) if you already possess a set of blue tassles. However, planes and rockets must be stolen. Planes are available in only one Town; you'll need brass buttons and skull keys in order to fly a plane. Once you have a plane, you can 'walk' it through a Time Door (Time Doors are discussed in the next file entitled 'Ultima II -- Layout').

Rockets are found only in one Town and you'll need a number of items in order to blast off (if you need extra Tri-Lithiums, you can find hordes of

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