VI.DEFEATING MINAX: Komplettlösung Ultima 2

the stuff on the highest level of a Tower or the lowest level of a Dungeon). Once in space, explore and transact until you discover the mysterious Planet X and the kindly Father Antos. A note about spaceflight: Landing is the trickiest part of this task; be extremely careful that you land on the grass, otherwise you'll be killed.


Ah, yes, the dread enchantress! She rules time and the universe, ever so confidently, from her chambers within her Castle on Legends. Do not attempt to destroy her until you have spent many, many hours developing your character's abilities and have obtained weapons, armour, and valuable items. One item in particular, a ring, must be in your possession if you wish to pass unscathed through Minax's force fields. She is unwilling to die easily and leads you on a not-so-merry chase from chamber to chamber while her minions attempt to kill you. You can deal with her lackeys by stopping time, but only if you have sufficient quantities of strange coins. Persist in your attack; she will ultimately succumb and she and all her works will be destroyed!

ULTIMA II: THE LAYOUT The cloth map and the pamphlet that come with the game are very helpful. Study both and make your own notes as you continue your quest. The map shows the world as it appears in the A.D. time period with symbols representing the 20 Time Doors that exist. The Time Doors take you from one time period to another, and there are five such periods: B.C. (1423 B.C.); A.D. (1990 A.D.); Pangea (9 million B.C.); Aftermath (2112 A.D.); and Legends (no time). Once you obtain a magical helm, you will be able to 'V'iew your exact location (note, however, that your helm disappears when you 'V'). The following is an outline of the various time periods and the locations of their Time Doors.

I.1423 B.C. This is where you begin your adventure. You will find yourself in Eurasia with connecting passages by land to North America, Africa, and South America. Locations you'll visit include Towne Linda in Italy, Le Jester Village in Africa, a Tower in South America, a Dungeon in Greenland, Lord British's Castle in England, and a Signpost in Australia (islands may be reached once you board a frigate).

There are 4 Time Doors: 1) The NW Time Door in Europe takes you to England in 1990 A.D.; 2) The North Central Time Door in Europe takes you to the eastern peninsula in 9 million B.C.; 3) The NE Time Door in North America takes you to Legends; and 4) The SE Time Door in South America takes you to the north of North America in 2112 A.D.

II.1990 A.D. Here you will visit Lord British's Castle and Port Bonifice in England, New San Antonio in North America, a Tower in Africa, a Dungeon in Greenland, and a Signpost in Australia.

There are 4 Time Doors: 1) The Time Door in South America takes you to North America in 2112 A.D.; 2) The Time Door by the Signpost in Australia takes you to the eastern part of the continent in 9 million B.C.; 3) The Time Door near Lord British's Castle in England takes you to Europe in 1423 B.C.; and 4) The Time Door by the Dungeon in Greenland takes you to the east of the continent in 9 million B.C.

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