III.THE INHABITANTS OF SOSARIA.: Komplettlösung Ultima 3

Gold, money, crass lucre: You will need copious amounts to advance in 'Ultima III.' Sometimes you'll think it's money that makes Sosaria go 'round! Although many of the clues vital to winning the game may be freely obtained by transacting with people in towns and castles, gold is needed to purchase not only important information from barkeeps and oracles, but is also necessary in order to raise your players' attributes, equip them with better weapons and armour, and bribe guards. You may wish to create several 'sacrificial' characters whose sole purpose is to transfer all their gold, weapons, food, and armour to one of your 'real' party members. Using this admittedly opportunistic technique, your 'real' party can become well-equipped even before its first foray.

A note about 'roll over': Lord British has almost completely corrected the problem (from 'Ultima II') of players' 'numbers' rolling over to zero after 99 or 9999. Now, if you inadvertently purchase more than 99 daggers, only 99 will show up (not 0) on the status report. The same holds true for other equipment and players' attributes. However, a bug remains in the food counter. Be careful not to exceed 9999 items of food or very strange things will happen to your players' names and armour. [Note: Rollover still occurs in some versions.].


Within the towns or Lord British's castle, you will encounter guards, merchants, barkeeps, jesters, oracles, or healers as well as any of the regular player types such as fighters, thieves, clerics and wizards. You must transact with almost everyone you meet in order to learn the clues which are vital to winning this game. Carefully explore every inch of every town; you can locate informative individuals behind shops, within wooded areas, or on the other side of locked doors. [See the 'Layout' and 'Clues' files for more specific details.]


Much of your time, especially in the beginning stages of the game, will be devoted to slaying monsters. On land, in the sea, and deep within the dungeons of Sosaria your party will engage in combat with more than two dozen species of monsters as well as renegade player types. Examine your Book of Play for the descriptions of these creatures.

Some monsters (orcs, goblins, and trolls) may be dispelled by your wizard's 'Repond.' The undead creatures (skeletons, ghouls, zombies) are turned by your cleric's 'Pontori.' When your cleric or mage reaches his or her full potential, he or she (or 'O'!) can cast helpful (transport, light, heal, cure, map, resurrect) or devastating (wound, negate time, destroy) spells. However, since spell casting temporarily drains magic points, most combat involves the use of weapons. Be aware that a cleric's use of the 'P' (Resurrect from Ashes) spell drains wisdom points.

The weapons available range from daggers to +4 bows (6550 g.p.) to the mysterious 'exotics.' Naturally, as your players gain strength, one arrow may be all that is needed to dispatch the dread balron. Long-range weapons should, therefore, be obtained as soon as possible. Since your party always gets to fire the first shot in a combat situation, slings or bows can mean the difference between life and death. Hand-to-hand weapons are relatively ineffective because your players have to waste turns moving toward the enemy and taking hits instead of fighting. Since daggers may be thrown, they are more versatile than maces. The same is true regarding the use of bows as opposed to swords. The ranger I created was more successful and efficient with his simple bow than a +2 sword.

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