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Armour is, of course, vital in protecting your players from injury. Depending on their professions, characters may wear anything from cloth to +2 plate (8250 g.p.). Try to obtain leather armour, at least, for those players who may wear it; they will survive more easily and will rapidly advance in experience levels.

Players' hit points are directly related to their experience. Each character begins with 150 hit points at level one. As the game proceeds and your players slay numerous monsters, their experience points will increase. Remember, however, that only the character striking the death blow wins experience points! As additional levels are reached, the party should visit

Lord British who will see that his wizard raises the characters' hit points. However, after level five, the Lord will refuse to raise the hit maximum. Instead, he says: 'Seek ye the Mark of Kings.' Once your group obtains this mark (one of four available -- each with a different purpose), Lord British will raise your characters' hit points, according to his or her experience level, to the absolute maximum of 2550.

If you want to build up backward players' hit points, you must position them so that they may inflict the fatal blows. This may even involve passing over (by hitting the space bar) a couple of players in favour of your 'slower' ones.

After your players reach level five or so, and have purchased decent weapons, armour and, hopefully, a few powders (to negate time), they may use the following procedure to rapidly build up more experience points: Enter a town that has only two sets of guards stationed at the entrance; attack and kill the guards; immediately leave the town and save the game. Guards are worth 15 experience points each, and, although they are extremely powerful, they don't throw fireballs or poisoned bolts at your group.

While your party is still relatively inexperienced, try to avoid sea serpents, men-o-war, and pirates. You can usually see these opponents approaching, and can detour around them. Do not descend below level four or so in any dungeon until your party is quite strong; otherwise, the manes, devils, and wyverns, among others, will surely decimate your group. Several

monsters not only wound your players, but poison them. However, when your party is healthy and well-equipped, it can win thousands of experience points and gold pieces by slaying these creatures. In the case of pirates, your group can also commandeer a frigate; no experience points or treasure is gained if the ship's cannons are used in battle.

Before your group obtains long-range weapons, try to avoid thieves, cutpurses, and brigands. These characters love to steal the weapons or armour that are not currently in use by players.

Within dungeons, the invisible gremlins like to steal food. Be sure to carry plenty of rations or your band might starve to death!

Here is a list of various opponents and the experience points received by players when they defeat these creatures:

Merchants = 1

Jesters and Grasss = 2

Goblins, Trolls, Orcs, and Floors = 3

Skeletons, Zombies, and Ghouls = 4

Cutpurses, Brigands, and Thieves = 5

Golems, Giants, Titans, and Horses = 6

Fighters, Manes, Gargoyles, and Daemons = 8

Wizards, Pincers, and Bradles = 10

Serpents, Dragons, Griffons, Wyverns, and Guards = 15

Men-O-War, Orcuss, Devils, and Balrons = 20

The tougher the enemy, the more experience points gained by your players.

Note: Do not try to engage Lord British in battle; he is invincible. He will allow you to take the chests behind the force field, but will attack if you initiate violence within his domain.

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Ultima 3

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