V.HEALING: Komplettlösung Ultima 3


The natural result of all this fighting is injured, or even deceased, party members. Be sure that you carefully map Sosaria, pinpointing the locations of healing kiosks. Your group will have to visit the healers frequently, especially if a character is poisoned. As always, gold works wonders.

Of course, clerics as well as advanced wizards may cast healing spells. Use their powers with discrimination since every spell drains magic points which may be needed for an unexpected battle.

Healing fountains are located inside dungeons. A drink from one will restore your players' lost hit points. You cannot tell whether a fountain is healthy or poisoned without testing it. There are four types of fountains: good, innocuous, harmful, and poisonous. Save your game before descending into a dungeon and be careful!


There are three modes of transportation in this game: foot, horse, and frigate. Most of the time, your players will be on foot and their food supplies will diminish rapidly as they explore Sosaria. Obtaining a horse not only slows the decrease in food, but allows your party to out run monsters. There are only two places where horses may be purchased or stolen: in the City of Dawn or the City of Devil Guard. [Check the 'Layout' file for the locations of these cities.] Horses may be ridden through moon gates.

Frigates may be commandeered by defeating a pirate crew. Once you have a frigate, your party may then traverse the seas, visiting important islands and learning the secret of the whirlpool.

The whirlpool is both beneficial and harmful. It may destroy ships that are docked and empty. Yet, by sailing into the whirlpool, your party will be transported to the Lost Continent of Ambrosia where the players will be able to raise their attributes and obtain the four cards needed to destroy Exodus.


There are four valuable items which your players must purchase in order to win the game. These are: torches, keys, gems, and powders. Only in thieves' guilds can your party buy these special items [check the 'Layout' file for locations].

Torches, of course, are needed for light while the party explores dungeons. Because of the prevalence of 'strange wind' throughout all of the dungeons, numerous torches should be carried.

Keys are used to unlock doors. They are particularly useful in Lord British's Castle, the City of Montor West, and Ambrosia.

Gems give you a bird's eye view of your current location. Buy as many gems as possible; you can use them to map dungeons, explore the nooks and crannies of cities, and proceed effortlessly through mazes.

Powders are, perhaps, the most valuable objects of all: They stop time. Use powders frequently during fierce battles, especially in the Castle of Death [Note: This may not work in some versions]. The incessant fireballs, though, are not affected by powders.

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