VIII.DUNGEONS: Komplettlösung Ultima 3


Unlike in 'Ultima II,' your group must explore all the dungeons in order to win this game. Four 'marks' must be obtained by each party member. Marks are usually located in a wall on the 8th level of a dungeon. The Mark of Kings is needed before Lord British will raise the characters' hit maximum above 550; the Mark of Force is used to pass uninjured through force fields; the Mark of Fire allows the party to walk through fire; the Mark of the Snake is needed to bypass the Silver Snake which guards the Castle of Death.

The best dungeon strategy is to use plenty of gems to locate ladders and/or cast ladder up and ladder down spells. It is not wise to linger on the upper levels if your group is simply looking for marks. Enter the dungeon and descend, as quickly as possible, to level 8. Then, obtain the mark and exit the dungeon. Of course, it is helpful to explore all levels of all dungeons, but this can be fatal if your party is weak.


Ah, these mysterious and ephemeral portals! What is their secret? By stepping into a moon gate, your group will be transported to various locations, some of which are inaccessible by any other means. There are eight moon gates, and the most important is, perhaps, the one that delivers your players to the dungeon of the Time Lord. Experiment with different gates and note their locations, the timing of their appearances, and their destinations.

An understanding of the cycles of the two moons of Sosaria, displayed on the cloth map and constantly counted on your screen, is vital in your search for the legendary City of Dawn. [See the 'Layout' file for more details.]


Who or what is Exodus? The product of an unholy alliance between Mondain and Minax, Exodus is more machine than monster. Could he or it be a computer? Perhaps so: Exodus' powers are legion and he is 'turned off' by inserting four cards, in proper order, into slots in his 'body.' The Time Lord, if he will, can tell your party the proper order of the cards.

Do not attempt to destroy Exodus until your party is extremely strong. Located within the aptly named Castle of Death, Exodus is protected by an army of fiends as well as a continuous stream of fireballs. Further, the usual weapons are ineffectual against monsters in this castle; your group must be equipped with 'exotic arms' in order to slay these creatures in hand-to-hand combat.

After your little band battles its way to Exodus, it must conquer the strange and invisible floors. The floors repeatedly attack until they have been completely destroyed. The best strategy against the floors is to have your cleric cast his 'O' spell and/or your wizard cast her 'P' spell. Then, move forward step-by-step, attacking in all directions. The floors are difficult, but certainly not impossible to overcome.

A final note: If you try to leave the Castle of Death without destroying Exodus, or if you linger near the entrance, your players will have to battle the grasss. The same strategy should be used against grasss as is used in combat with floors.

[See the 'Layout' file and the 'Clues' file for additional information.]



The map that is supplied with the game is very useful, especially if you take out a sturdy black pen and mark locations on it. I used triangles to designate castles, squares to represent towns, circles for dungeons, and squiggly lines for moon gates. The map shows the continent of Sosaria as explored by the late, great Hawkwind. Your party will exceed even his accomplishments before the game is over.

Also displayed on the map are a series of drawings of various locations as well as representations of the cycles of the two Sosarian moons. The runes are not difficult to decipher. For example, on the top left is a picture of the Castle of Lord British. On the top right is Death Gulch. The moon of Trammel has a 48 day cycle, and the moon of Felucca has a 16 day cycle.

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