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Here is a list of the cities of Sosaria, their locations, and their important features:

1.CITY OF LORD BRITISH: Located to the northeast of Sosaria, this city overlooks a harbour. Within the town you will find a pub, a grocery, a weapons shop, and an armoury. As always, be sure to transact with everyone you meet.

2.MONTOR WEST: South of Lord British are the twin cities of Montor West and Montor East. In the western town you will find a grocery, two pubs, a weapons shop, an armoury, a prison, and four guard stations. It is important to speak to two thieves who are inside prison cells. Either bribe the many guards or be prepared for a series of long battles if you enter the prison.

3.MONTOR EAST: Again, you will visit a pub, an armoury, and a weapons shop. Guard stations abound, but you need not do battle in this town. Simply transact with all the player types you meet; valuable clues are to be had here.

4.CITY OF YEW: Within this holy city are dozens of clerics as well as the Circle of Light, Rogation Worship, Sanescere healing kiosk, and the Aliment food shop. Take care in this heavily forested town else you might stumble into a wall of fire. The City of Yew is located in mountains to the west of Lord British.

5.CITY OF MOON: Further west from Yew lies Moon. Moon may also be reached by travelling southeast from Montor East. This small town contains a grocery, a pub, and a healing stand. The forested areas should be carefully explored for hidden clues; avoid those balrons, though!

6.CITY OF GREY: Due south of Moon, on a southwestern tip of Sosaria, you will find the City of Grey. This town has a pub, a grocery, a weapons shop, an armoury, a thieves' guild, and a chamber containing chests. Vital clues are to be had from a thief, a fighter, and a cleric. Be sure to visit Grey often in order to stock up on gems, powders, torches, and keys from the guild.

7.DEATH GULCH: Off the coast, on a large island to the southeast of British, is Death Gulch. This town is heavily guarded, but violence can be avoided. Here you will find a pub, grocery, weapons, and armour. The daemon and guard at the front entrance may be cautiously bypassed in order to enter the town. Bring keys. You can also sneak into Death Gulch through the forested areas to the north and south of the entrance. This town has several mazes, force fields, and a river of fire. None is of much importance. Lots of chests here.

8.CITY OF FAWN: On a small island off the coast of Sosaria, to the northwest of British, is the City of Fawn. Here you will find a pub, a food shop, a healing kiosk, and a thieves' guild. Four clerics will impart significant clues.

9.DEVIL GUARD: This town is locked within mountains to the southwest of British. To reach Devil Guard, your party must take one of three moon gates [discussed below]. A pirates' frigate, firing from the shore of a small lake with no outlets, attacks your group when you visit this town. Devil Guard is a dangerous place, but a very important one. Here, there are six fighters and one thief who can give you winning clues. Devil Guard contains a pub and grocery, a healing stand, another thieves' guild, and a stables. You may purchase four horses here for 800 g.p.; they cannot be stolen.

10.CITY OF DAWN: Dawn, the city of myths and magic! It is located, for a brief moment only, in the forest southwest of British. Dawn possesses the usual line-up of shops: food, pub, weapons, and armour. However, you will also find another thieves' guild here as well as an oracle and stables. Both the weapons and armour shops sell advanced items. Bring thousands of gold pieces and your party will leave Dawn very well-equipped. Horses here may be stolen, but expect a series of battles with Dawn's many guards. There are three clerics, hiding in the southeast corner of the town, who can tell you much about 'exotic arms.' However, two of the clerics will not let your party pass in order to transact with the third; you will have to kill them. Prepare your group by bribing as many guards as possible before dealing with the clerics.

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