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There are two castles in this game: Lord British and Death. Lord British's Castle is next to his city. You will visit the castle many times in order to transact with the Lord and to purchase cures or healings. Most of the areas in this castle are unimportant; however, by using keys to unlock doors, you can locate several individuals who have important knowledge about your quest. In particular, explore the prison, the winding corridors, and the exterior of the castle.

The Castle of Death is the domain of Exodus. It is located on an island off the southwest coast of Sosaria. Reach it by sailing past the Silver Snake (be sure to bring horses with you!). If you survive the dangers, you will find Exodus in a chamber against the northern wall.


Only in dungeons may 'marks' be found. Dungeons are hazardous places. Not only do they house an abundance of vicious creatures, but there are traps, gremlins, strange winds, poisoned fountains, mazes, and dead ends. Here is a list of the dungeons of Sosaria, their locations, and their important features:

1.PERINIAN DEPTHS: This dungeon is located to the northeast of the City of Lord British. There are two Marks of Kings on the lst level, and another on the 8th level. A Mark of Fire may be found on the 8th level as well. There is a healing fountain in the southwestern corner of the 8th level.

2.DARDIN'S PIT: To the northwest of British is Dardin's Pit. The Mark of Kings may be found in two locations on level 8.

3.FIRES OF HELL: Surrounded by fire, this dungeon is located in mountains to the southeast of British. The Mark of Force and the Mark of Fire are on the 8th level. There are also four fountains on level 8, one of each type.

4.DOOM: Southwest of British, in a heavily forested area, is the Dungeon of Doom. In the centre of level 8, you will find the Mark of Force. All four types of fountains are on level 8 as well.

5.MINES OF MORINIA: North of the City of Grey, on the west coast of Sosaria, are the Mines. The Mark of Kings is located on level 3 and on level 8. Also on level 8 is the Mark of Fire. Your party will use transport and ladder spells often in an effort to fully explore this dungeon.

6.SNAKE: On an island off the southeast coast of Sosaria is the Dungeon of the Snake. Important clues are to be had on levels 2 and 3. There are two healing fountains on level 6 and one healing fountain on level 7. Both the Mark of Kings and the Mark of the Snake are located on level 8.

7.TIME: This dungeon is completely surrounded by impenetrable mountains and may only be reached via moon gates [discussed below]. There are two healing fountains on level 1, another on level 4, and another on level 8. The Mark of Kings may be found on level 2 and on level 8. Most importantly, the Time Lord himself resides on level 8. Listen carfully to what he says.


In order to raise your players' attributes and to obtain the cards needed to defeat Exodus, your group must pass through the whirlpool to a submerged continent. There are four shrines located on Ambrosia: Dexterity (southeast), Wisdom (northeast), Intelligence (northwest), and Strength (southwest).

Use gems to map this continent; the many mazes can be quite confusing. Also, keys are needed to unlock several different doors. Be sure to bring lots of gold!

Commandeer frigates from the pirates you encounter; you will need to cross water to reach two of the shrines. The game cannot be 'saved' while you are visiting Ambrosia, but you can sail back into the whirlpool to return to Sosaria.

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