Ultima 4 - Quest of the Avatar

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There is a way to determine your character's class. When the Gypsy asks you to choose one of the virtues - Honesty, Compassion, Valour, Justice, Sacrifice, Honour, Spirituality or Humility over another, the higher virtue appears on the LEFT as choice 'A'. The eight classes - Mage, Bard, Fighter, Druid, Tinker, Paladin, Ranger or Shepherd correspond to the virtues in this manner: If you choose all 'A' answers, you'll be a Mage; Seven 'A' answers and then a 'B' will make you a Bard, and so on. The Bard, with his sling, and the Mage, with spell-casting ability, begin with distinct advantages. The size of monster parties on the surface is based on the size of your group, so unless you enjoy lots of large-scale battles, don't enlist any party members (except maybe a Mage) until you've become an Avatar.


Half the game is devoted to developing the virtues. (see the DUNGEON section for the secret to building strength and other traits). Hawkwind, in Lord British's Castle, will inform you of your progress. The numbers match the order of the virtues previously listed and 99 means you're ready for elevation. Talk to everyone you meet. Actions are also important, and improper actions will cost you points. To earn Honesty points, never steal, pay less than a shop's quoted price or lie. The trick question is: 'Have you never lied?', whose correct answer is 'No'. For Compassion, give one piece of gold to beggars. Valour is attained by victorious combat, but don't attack non-evil creatures or you'll lose Justice and Honour points.

And if you attack them while they're fleeing you'll lose Honour! It's O.K. to fight them if they attack. Never flee from combat unless in mortal danger, or you'll lose Valour. Honour is attained by not cheating in shops and by finding the runes, stone, bell, book and candle. Give blood when a Healer asks for donations to earn Sacrifice points. You gain a few Spirituality points each time you talk to Hawkwind. For Humility, always say 'No' when asked if you're proud of something or best at anything unless asked if you are the MOST HUMBLE.


Each gate has THREE phases, which can be determined by the three-part cycle of the moons. The first number below refers to the gate as you enter it, the last three to your destination.

Gate Vicinity Activation Lat. Long. 1st 2nd 3rd
1 Moonglow New Moon I'F' O'A' 1 2 3
2 Britain Crescent Waxing G'G' G'A' 4 5 6
3 Jhelom 1st Quarter O'A' C'G' 7 8 1
4 Yew Gibbous Waxing C'F' D'C' 2 3 4
5 Minoc Full Moon B'D' K'G' shrine 6 7
6 Trinsic Gibbous Waning M'C' G'I' 8 1 2
7 Skara Brae Last Quarter H'O' B'H' 3 4 5
8 Magincia Crescent Waning K'H' L'L' 6 7 8


Prepare lots of spells and carry some extra reagents. Missile weapons like slings are especially valuable. If you step back instead of advancing towards monsters in the combat arena, they will often move into the firing line. You can outrun them on a horse. One effective combat tactic is to line your crew into two columns. See the Virtues section on Valour, Justice and Honour for other combat tips. Some spells aren't revealed in the manual: Gate Travel (a f h), Undead (a c), Resurrect (a b c d e h).

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Ultima 4
Ultima 4 - Quest of the Avatar
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