HYTHLOTH + THE ALTAR ROOMS.: Komplettlösung Ultima 4

Level 7: WEST 3 and UP ladder.

Level 6: EAST 2 and UP ladder.

Level 5: Follow hall and go NORTH through door, then UP ladder.

Level 4: Follow hall into room and go EAST through three rooms. Advance to the Magical Ball. Return to the door and go NORTH to another Magical Ball, then on to the Healing Fountain. (The other Fountain, beyond the first Ball, also heals). Cast Y to go UP.

Level 3: WEST to four-way junction, take North door through room and UP ladder.

Level 2: SOUTH to a wall, then EAST to a wall. Follow hall SOUTH to Altar for Purple Stone. Follow hall back NORTH to the first place you can turn left into a new hall (not just turn left in the same one!). WEST 2, turn NORTH and dispel field. Advance to UP ladder.

Level 1: Follow NORTH hall into room and put a character on the square in the small alcove of the Northeast corner to open the secret Northern exit. Go NORTH and put someone on the square directly over the lower right of the three white circles to open a secret Northern exit. Follow hall NORTH to Magical Ball, then exit Dungeon.


Magical Balls increase all traits 5 points and cost 800 hit points, so you'll need some resurrection spells. All three Altar Rooms are accessible from Level 8, but you need all eight stones to reach and use the Altar Rooms. By using 'stones' when a character is atop an Altar, you obtain a piece of the 3-part key at each one. For Truth: Blue, Green, Purple and White; For Love: Yellow, Green, Orange and White; For Courage: Red, Orange, Purple and White.

Level 1: Jimmy lock behind Castle Britannia and descend to Level 8.

Level 8: Peer at a gem and you'll see Truth in the far Northwest corner, Love in the short hall going North and Courage far to the Northeast. To reach Courage, follow hall NORTH (dispelling field) to the wall, go EAST 1 and NORTH into room. Put a man on the square in the Northwest corner to open secret exit EAST. Go EAST into the next room and exit NORTH. Take door to the NORTH to enter Altar Room of Courage. Exit SOUTH and enter SOUTH door, then walk through secret door in West wall. Exit SOUTH in the next

room, then go SOUTH and dispel field to your West. Follow the hall to the ladder by which you entered, turn WEST and dispel the first field. Follow the hall NORTH to enter the Altar Room of Love. Exit SOUTH, go SOUTH 1 and dispel the field. Turn WEST and dispel the next two fields and follow this hall to the Altar Room of Truth. Exit SOUTH and follow hall to the ladder, dispelling fields as you go.

(If you don't want to go to the Altar Rooms or have already done so, go South and dispel the field, then follow hall beyond the ladder and climb).

Level 7: WEST 2, SOUTH 2, then UP ladder.

Level 6: Cast Up Spell.

Level 5: Follow hall SOUTH and WEST to Magical Ball. Go back EAST and NORTH to ladder, then WEST to another Magical Ball. Go EAST past first ladder, follow hall to second ladder and climb.

Level 4: EAST 2, DOWN ladder to Level 5, EAST and climb UP to Level 4. WEST into room, then exit NORTH. Follow hall into next room, exit WEST and climb.

Level 3: NORTH 6, WEST 2 to Magical Ball. Go EAST into next room and exit NORTH. Follow hall to Healing Fountain. Return to previous room and exit SOUTH. Continue SOUTH through next room and go EAST to ladder and UP.

Level 2: EAST to the wall, SOUTH through door. Follow either hall to ladder and UP.

Level 1: SOUTH and EAST to Magical Ball. WEST 2, NORTH to ladder and UP.

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