THE STYGIAN ABYSS.: Komplettlösung Ultima 4


Sail East from Serpent's Hold into the Pirate's Bay. After each combat, exit ship and move onto the next one to reach the East shore. (Use the wheel to strengthen your ship if damaged severely). Go EAST and SOUTH to O'J' O'J', the entrance. Use the Skull, Bell, Book and Candle to enter the Abyss.

Level 1: Follow hall EAST through three rooms, then SOUTH to a large room with several walls on the left. Go EAST 2, NORTH 2 and use stone at the Altar. (Answers: HONESTY + BLUE). DOWN.

Level 2: Go SOUTH through two rooms and EAST through two. After exiting the the second one into a hall, go EAST 1, NORTH 4, then EAST through a secret door. Continue EAST (dispelling fields) and use stone at the Altar. (Answers: COMPASSION + YELLOW). DOWN.

Level 3: SOUTH 2 and exit room WEST. Continue WEST through one room to the Altar. Use Stone. (Answers: VALOR + RED).

Level 4: EAST 3, then EAST through secret door. Go through secret doors in north wall of next rooms until you face an Orange wall, then EAST 4 and dispel the field. Continue EAST into the room and exit NORTH. Exit NORTH from the next room. Use stone. (Answers: JUSTICE + GREEN).

Level 5: SOUTH to the wall and EAST through the door into a room. Step on square in corner of Northeast alcove, behind fields, to open secret exit. SOUTH into next room and step on square in lower Southeast corner to open secret exit SOUTH into next room. There you must step on fire square below three mountains to open secret exit East. Go EAST to Altar. Use Stone. (Answers: SACRIFICE + ORANGE).

Level 6: SOUTH 2, WEST 2, SOUTH 1 and EAST through door. Go EAST again and exit SOUTH from the next room. Exit the next room West, the next South, the next East, the next North, and the next East. Dispel field caging the Balron in Northeast corner and step on square he occupied, which opens secret exit South. Go SOUTH and step on square in centre alcove behind fields, in Northeast corner of room. Dispel field at South end and step on Southeast square to open bridge. Cross bridge and exit South. Exit next room East, and go SOUTH from the next one. Go EAST to Altar and Use Stone. (Answers: HONOR + PURPLE).

Level 7: WEST 1, NORTH into room. Exit NORTH and go WEST into next room. Exit NORTH and go WEST. Step on square in wall of the Southeast corner to open partitioned area, then stand in the crook of the backwards 'L' to open secret exit North. Go NORTH and enter West door. Send your 8th character two SOUTH and one WEST to open secret exit North. After leaving room, go NORTH and WEST to Altar and Use Stone. (Answers: SPIRITUALITY + WHITE).

Level 8: Go SOUTH and EAST through the door into a room and exit EAST. Step on square in Northeast corner to move bricks from square in the Southwest corner, which opens a secret exit to the North. Follow hall into next room and exit it SOUTH. Step on square in wall of Southeast corner to activate similar square below Balron. Slay Balron and step on square he occupied to activate square at top of cage. Step on that square to open secret exit South. Use Stone at Altar. (Answers: HUMILITY + BLACK).



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