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The steps necessary for solving this quest are provided here in summary form. To accomplish them, you can either talk to people for clues, consult the 'TOWNES, KEEPS + CASTLES' section for hints, or look in other appropriate sections (such as 'VANQUISHING THE SHADOWLORDS') or check the TABLES for the EXACT answers.

The cluster of locations around Britanny Bay is probably the best place to start. Talk to everyone you meet for clues. Go out at night for monster-hunting, but not far from the towns - retreat to a town if you're in danger of getting killed. Look for Mantras and Words of Power. When your group attains third or fourth level, explore dungeons for loot. Buy ships,

get a grapple, sextant, Black Badge, Spy-Glass, lots of Skull Keys and the Magic Carpet. Stock up on Mandrake Root, Nightshade and other reagents. Use the Black Badge and get the Crown and Word Of Power from the prisoner.

While seeking one of the Shards, get the Mystic Armour. Get all the Shards and names of the Shadowlords. Learn what to do with the Shards. Destroy the Shadowlords and find their Keep. Get the Sceptre and Amulet. Complete all the Shrine Quests if you haven't already. Get the Sandalwood Box and stock up on supplies. Rescue Lord British.


The keys to character development lie in the Shrines and in living up to the virtues. Don't take food or crops, kill innocent people or do other 'unAvatarish' acts that will cost you points in a related Virtue and inhibit some characters from giving you clues. To boost Compassion, give one piece of gold to Beggars. Never lie or boast (say no when asked if you're proud of something, unless asked if you are the most humble). To boost Karma, complete a Shrine Quest, then return to that Shrine and give gold. People who will join the party are mentioned in the 'TOWNES, CASTLES + KEEPS' section and in the TABLES. Release prisoners in Blackthorn or Yew.


Slings and Bows will serve you well until you get Magic Axes. You can equip with more than one weapon, such as a Magic Axe and a Short Sword. A Bow is good until you get a Magic Axe. Don't forget you can fire missile weapons diagonally this time. Use them until the enemy is within arm's reach. Step back as the enemy approaches, and they'll move into better positions for you to hit them. Line your team up in a pair of columns, keeping missile weapons and Mages in the back.


You will be able to reach most places by foot, horse or Magic Carpet. The In Por spell and the Grapple are essential for travelling, especially when seeking the Shards. The exceptions will require a ship or travel by Moongates. Avoid entering a location when Shadowlords are present. (You will get an audible warning; also, the trees will be bare of foiliage and the inhabitants will be reluctant to converse with you. By using a telescope at night, you can see the location of the Shadowlords). Some locations have locked doors or moats preventing entry during the night. You may have to wait until daylight, cross moats on the Magic Carpet, or find secret entrances. Inhabitants follow certain routines and will sleep, open

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